Royal London Group: banking on IPVPN

“If there are any issues, I can always get hold of someone to help me – we always get it sorted. They’re ultimately helping us to be more responsive as an organisation.”

Paul Templeman, Group Networks, Royal London Group


Operational goals

To provide a reliable communications infrastructure to support the company as it grows.

Virgin Media Business Digital Solution

We installed a fully-managed, high-capacity network.


Staff have easy, always-on access to central business systems and costs are reduced as a result of running voice communications over the network.


Digital aims and operational goals

Operating under the Royal London, Scottish Life, Bright Grey, Royal London Asset Management, Scottish Provident, Ascentric and Royal London 360° brands, the Group offers pension, protection and investment products and services. And today, our advanced IPVPN provides scalable communications that the entire Group can rely on. There’s nothing quite like working with the country’s largest mutual life and pensions company. It’s an honour to swim along with one of the big fish in the financial pond. Royal London has some impressive credentials with around 3.6 million customers, £35.5 billion funds under management and 2,800 employees spread across the UK and overseas.

They needed a partner they could count on. So we were flattered when they asked us to be their communications provider. We recommended, and then set up, a cost-effective IPVPN solution that could grow with their business. Now their network is reliable, always available and supports their disaster recovery capability. After all, their business depends on accessing highly sensitive and important financial information, from all parts of the organisation.

Our role

Not only is the new network secure but it also brings working methods to life by converging data, voice and video traffic. Ultimately, this Next Generation Network was designed to help the Group in their most important quest – to deliver longterm value to their customers. And it did.

After working together on this grandscale project, their clients have seen an improved delivery of customer services. That means better customer knowledge, faster responses and more complete financial solutions across the Group.

During our earliest meetings, the Group showed us a big checklist of requirements. Right at the top of that list was to enhance their disaster recovery capability. To do this, important data would need to be relocated between various offices throughout the UK and the Isle of Man. And this would require increased network capacity. Our next-generation solution would do all of this and a whole lot more.

Soon after we shook hands, we got down to business and rolled out our high-capacity IPVPN across their business. And it wasn’t long before Royal London Group was able to tick off other items from the checklist too.

Royal London Group eats, sleeps and drinks great customer service. For the Group this means giving speedier service while also providing financial solutions that make a real difference. And since the installation of their new IPVPN, that’s exactly what they’re able to do. Their staff now have lightning-fast access to the information they need, when they need it. The result? Better customer service and happier clients.

From day one, we knew the Group had high expectations of network reliability. For a company that helps so many people at all hours of the day, network downtime is an absolute nono. Our Service Level Agreement gives guaranteed reliability and performance. So they’re open for business when they need to be, serving more customers.

We’ve also helped them protect their customers’ personal information. When it comes to people’s finances, data security is always first in line for the Group. Since the installation, their staff now have a secure link to their central business systems. Now that’s true peace of mind.


A pressing issue for the Group is planning for the future. As the financial market changes, Royal London Group needs to adapt with it. And so does their network – whether it’s adding new sites or increasing bandwidth. Their new IPVPN is ready to welcome change with open arms.

Last on the agenda was to beef up their internal communications processes. The Group’s ability to provide an efficient service to their customers relies heavily on their office-to-office connectivity. To save time and travel expenses, employees need to reach one another without leaving their offices. Video conferencing with enhanced image quality is just one example of how this is made possible. Their IPVPN has helped the Group make use of the most cutting-edge communication tools.

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