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When the Covid-19 crisis is finally over, some things in life will go back to the way they were. But your staff may not be happy going back to the way they worked. And your customers might not want to look backwards either.

Now is the time to adopt communication tools that are fit for the world beyond this pandemic – not just the one before it.

How do you do that quickly, effectively and securely?

We recently hosted a webinar with 8x8 Communications to help you answer that question.

And now you can watch it for free.

You’ll learn:

  • The biggest trends in remote communication since the start of the Covid-19 
  • How you can use effective remote communication to improve your employee and customer experience during these times
  • What ‘unified communications’ really means and why it’s so important right now
  • Specific examples of how public and private sector firms have used unified communications to their advantage during the pandemicWant to know the answers to these questions and more?

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