Three Years of Progress

How Covid-driven digital
change is transforming the way
we work and live for the better


Imagine a United Kingdom where millions more people have a chance to earn a living. Where we have more time to look after ourselves and the ones we love. Where we can make planet Earth a little greener just by changing the way we work. 

Our latest report with the Centre for Economics and Business Research shows we no longer have to imagine these things.

The pandemic accelerated digital progress by three years

And if that pace continues? 


Covid-driven digital change could add £236 billion to UK GDP by 2040, bringing huge benefits to everyone who lives and works here in the process.

Three areas of technology investment will create the bulk of this positive change:

  1. 1. Enabling new ways of working
  2. 2. Providing more digital services
  3. 3. Making better use of data
  5. Want to know how? And what it means for you?

Hybrid working world


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Public sector

Large enterprise advice

Medium enterprise advice


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Public sector

public sector

Public sector

Continued investment in hybrid working technology, digital services and better use of data in the public sector could add £100 billion to UK GDP by 2040. Learn what public sector organisations have done so far, what the impact has been and how you can make the most of this opportunity.

Large enterprise

large enterprise

Large enterprise

What does Covid-driven digital change mean for the UK’s large enterprises? Why is digital change improving the customer and employer experience? And how can you ensure you’re making the most of the opportunities ahead? We’ve created this enterprise-focused summary of our Cebr report to help you answer these questions and more.

Medium business

medium business

Medium business

Covid-19 accelerated digital progress by 3.6 years for medium businesses across the UK – faster than the national average of 3 years. So what’s been driving such rapid change? How has it benefited medium businesses? And what do you need to do now to ensure you thrive in the years to come?




The pandemic accelerated digital progress in the UK’s health sector by more than four years, boosting patient satisfaction, employee productivity and employee satisfaction. But what does all this mean for you and your organisation? And how can you make the most of the opportunities ahead? Read our health sector-focused report to find out.

Local authorities

local authority

Local authorities

The pandemic accelerated digital progress in the UK’s local authorities by more than five years – one of the fastest changing sectors and higher than the public sector average of four years. What is driving that? How is it benefiting local authorities, their staff and the citizens they serve? And what does the future look like?




The justice sector saw a bigger acceleration in digital progress than any other sector in the UK in the wake of the pandemic, potentially adding £100 billion to UK GDP if the current pace of change continues. Want to see some real-world examples of all this innovation and find out how you can make the most of this opportunity? Read our justice report.


Hybrid working helped us reimagine what was possible

Employees now expect to work at least half their week remotely.
But how have new ways of working helped employers?


increase in employee productivity


increase in employee satisfaction


increase in customer satisfaction


And there are wider societal benefits too. 

Hybrid working could open the door for 3.8 million more people to enter the workforce. People who would otherwise have been locked out, like parents, carers and those with disabilities. 

The NHS could save £4.1 billion a year as people have more time to care for each other and focus on their own health too.

And regional economies could get a £33.3 billion boost as people get the chance, for the first time ever, to live and work wherever they want.

So how do we make this happen?

For a happy, effective hybrid workforce you need to achieve three things:


your organisation so it’s always on and always ready for change



your sensitive data wherever your employees happen to be



your people to do their job in a way that works for everyone


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