Digital Architecture

Unwrite your future is a series exploring how digital transformation can help we, Enterprise IT, take charge of our futures.

Your organisation's performance is only as good as its Digital Architecture.

That means a potent mix of high quality connectivity,
complementary hardware, and agile, scalable applications.

The best Digital Leaders have known this for years. Now, it’s your 
chance to join them.

Ready to unwrite
your future?

From Digital Architecture to Customer Experience, discover how you can transform your business. 


Practical tips for digital transformation

Crowdcube’s Rich Pearce and Mark Ridley, CTO of AVADO Learning dispense advice, wit and wisdom, on making the move from classic IT to a digital platform. Alex Depledge, serial entrepreneur, is your host for this exclusive preview of the first episode of our upcoming Unwrite your future podcast series. 


Transformation: The top 10 tips

Learn to evolve and transform your digital architecture with these 10 top tips from the pros.


Why the digital approach works

Rich Pearce, knows all about the power of digital. After all, he’s a technology leader with experience in everything from programming to engineering – and he's the CTO at Crowdcube.

In this unmissable video, he shares his secrets to making an impact on the world, channeling the power of the cloud, keeping customers happy – and everything in between!


Evolving from classic to digital architecture

We asked three experts about digital architecture, transforming their businesses, and finding success in the digital era. Their answers were fascinating, insightful – and surprising. 


From classic IT to digital platform

Our infographic charts the rise and rise and rise of technology – but it’s not quite finished. We’re looking for help from the experts – namely, you – to let us know what we’re missing and help us complete the history of technology. 


Your path to digital transformation starts here

The successful companies of the future will be the ones that have embraced digital transformation. Do you have what it takes to join them? This is your chance to enter a new era of growth, propelled by the power of digital. 


A top CTO talks technology, growth
and customers

Your chance to hear from Mark Ridley, CTO of EdTech business AVADO on digital transformation. From tackling challenges head-on to what he wishes he’d known earlier, it’s everything you didn’t know you needed to know about unwriting your future. 


Ready to unwrite your future?


Meet the organisations transforming themselves.



From faulty taps to zebra crossings, this council have it covered. 



Helping a London funeral director modernise their business.



Rolling out the red carpet at cinemas with the power of digital.