Dedicated Internet Access

Business Leased Lines (also known as Dedicated Internet Access) provide a dedicated fibre Ethernet connection – not just to the curb – but all the way into your building. This means they are the perfect solution for a fast growing, bandwidth hungry business. Here are some more benefits of our Leased lines for business:

  • Dedicated - The speed you pay for becomes the speed your business gets. It removes the whole issue of slow-downs at peak times
  • Symmetrical - Uploading is as fast as downloading. If five people are all video conferencing in separate rooms, the rest of your team can share enormous files while the backup does its thing, without a hitch
  • Trackable performance - Our online reporting tool means you can always see what’s happening with your service to help support your business’s growth
  • Cost effective - It’s easy to flex when demand changes and easy to budget with the knowledge of all the fixed costs up front. You’ll only ever pay for the bandwidth you need
  • 24/7 monitoring and managing – While you innovate, we’ll be monitoring your service day and night
  • Service availability up to 99.85% - This protects your service and our SLA’s provide compensation in the unlikely event of an interruption

A leased line is the upgrade you need if your team are factoring slow internet speeds into their working day where your connection can be holding you back. Maybe it crept up on you as you hired more staff, put more into cloud systems and added more bandwidth-hungry apps- or perhaps your business has suddenly exploded?  Either way, if you’re on the same connection you had when it was a few of you, you probably need an upgrade.

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What is DIA and how can it
help my business?


Which Dedicated Internet Access solution suits your business needs?


50Mbps upload
50Mbps download

Great for:

Growing businesses looking for a bit more power and a lot more impact. Enjoy the security, resilience, monitoring and reliability of a leased line at an affordable price. 

  • 9 hour fault response time






100Mbps upload
100Mbps download

Great for:

Future proofing your business. Our standard leased line solution comes with resilient options available and the opportunity to have your own Account Manager, if you need one.

  • 6 hour fault response time
  • 10% off cloud apps




0800 073 1741

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300Mbps upload
300Mbps download

Great for:

Expand your business, with extra resilient options available and the opportunity to have an Account Manager, this leased line package is sure to satisfy even the fastest growing company.

  • 6 hour fault response time
  • 10% off cloud apps




0800 073 1741

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Need more Dedicated Internet Access? Up to 5Gbps

Up to 5Gbps available

The all-singing, all-dancing upgrade to an incredibly fast line, for businesses that need more upload and download speeds, faster response times, and more control.

Call us for a quote on 0800 073 1741 (Monday to Friday, 8am - 5:30pm).

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  • Check out our 100Mbps Dedicated Internet Access and find out if you could get up to £2,500 towards your install costs.


    Our business relies on its use of technology to maintain and scale, as well as ensuring we have security, resilience and backup wrapped around our operation. Speed is critical and our 1Gbps DIA ensures that we can work ultrafast

    Dan Cluderay, Founder and Owner, Approved Food

    Watch how Approved Food are benefiting from DIA

    Available add-ons for Dedicated Internet Access



    For added resilience, you can have a second connection. In the unlikely event your primary connection fails, it automatically flips to back-up.




    A firewall designed to protect you, managed by our security experts 24/7. Purpose built with powerful security appliances. Protection from viruses and spyware.




    Next generation WiFi enabled by Cisco Meraki. Manage your network administration through the cloud, with self-healing networks.




    Technical specs


    Traditional Leased Line and Ethernet access technology, as well as EFM and FTTC.


    From 30Mbps up to 5Gbps.

    Transit and peering

    Multiple transit partners and hundreds of peering arrangements mean direct and reliable connectivity.


    * Many dual-homed configurations available including Active/Standby or Active/Active.


    BGP supported.

    IP addressing

    PA address space provided at no charge (up to 6), subject to RIPE approval.


    Business class Cisco Router provided with our fully-managed service.


    *100% with our dual-homed resilient service backed by service credits

    Service restoration

    **From 6 hours backed by service credits

    Online stats

    *Web based stats available


    Options for next generation firewall with integrated threat protection and web-filtering security features.

    * Features vary for MIA Lite, please call for more details
    ** 9 hours for MIA Lite


    Legal stuff

    *Gigabit Voucher Scheme

    The Gigabit Voucher scheme reimburses installation costs for SMEs up to a maximum of £2,500 (VAT not reimbursed).  Applies to new connections only.  Requires doubling the speed of your existing connection.  DCMS reserve the right to end the scheme at any time before 31st March 2021.  Minimum 12-month contract. Further terms and eligibility criteria apply, see GBVS Beneficiary T&Cs for more details. Virgin Fibre areas only. Subject to site survey. Speeds refer to download speeds with equipment operating at optimum level. Other legal stuff applies. See 100Mbps/1Gbit dedicated internet connection with 820 Palo Alto Firewall for £385 p/m. Price for those not eligible for the voucher: £485. 300Mbps/1Gbit dedicated internet connection with 820 Palo Alto Firewall for £535 p/m. Price for those not eligible for the voucher: £635 Based on a minimum 3-year contract term.

    Virgin Fibre areas only. New Virgin Media Business customers only. Subject to site survey. Speeds refer to upload and download speeds with equipment operating at optimum level. All prices subject to 20% VAT. Virgin Media Business reserves the right to withdraw or amend the pricing if you change any part of your package. Virgin Media Business reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.  

    Cooling Off Period 

    You have the right to terminate your contract during the Openreach Transfer Period, which is 10 full working days from when we are notified by Openreach that they will activate the line.

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