5 reasons to go beyond broadband

Here’s why DIA will take your business to the next level

There comes a time in many a company’s journey when the odd system upgrade and platform tweak is simply not enough.

If that’s where you’re at, say goodbye to broadband – however ultrafast – and say hello to a Leased Line (which we call Dedicated Internet Access). DIA is a dedicated, fixed internet connection into your business. It’s an entirely different proposition altogether. Here’s why…

1. Up down, down up...

DIA gives you symmetrical connectivity, which suddenly makes uploading as fast as downloading. If five people are all video conferencing in separate rooms, the rest of your team can share enormous files while the backup does its thing, without a hitch.

2. It's nice to not share

As the total available bandwidth isn’t shared between your company and its neighbours, or anyone at all in fact, the speed you pay for becomes the speed your business gets. It removes the whole issue of slow-downs at peak times.

3. Fully futureproof

This is not just broadband – you’ll get a dedicated account manager who’ll organize a bespoke connection that’s built to last for years to come. If you’re struggling with speed now, expansion is only going to make that worse. But a Leased Line puts you firmly on the same level as the big boys.

4. Time vs money

Naturally, Dedicated Access Internet is more expensive, so you’ll have to weigh up those extra pounds each month against the salaries of people who aren’t working at their full potential. Exactly how much is getting a job done in half the time worth to you?

5. I feel the need, the need for...

It’s pretty clear that the reason most businesses choose this option is speed, pure and simple. And all the awesome you can unlock with it.

With up to 10Gbps upload and up to 10Gbps download, Dedicated Internet Access isn’t an upgrade. It lets you transform your business into the next gen version of itself. Do everything faster, better and more often.

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