What is a leased line anyway?

A dedicated ultrafast fibre connection explained

Don't want to share your broadband connection? 

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Human nature’s great, put up with a problem long enough and people find ways round it. But if your team are factoring slow internet speeds into their working day, your connection could be holding you back.

Maybe it crept up on you as you hired more staff, put more into cloud systems and added more bandwidth-hungry apps – or perhaps your business has suddenly exploded? Either way, if you’re on the same connection you had when it was a few of you and the dog, you probably need an upgrade.

A Leased Line (or Dedicated Internet Access as we call it) simply means you get a dedicated ultrafast fibre connection – not just to the curb – but all the way into your building.

Even robots don’t like to share

Obviously, this costs more than broadband – so it’s not for everyone. But for others like Volume – who are pioneering artificial intelligence here in the UK – it’s essential.

Chief Commercial Officer Miles Beacroft, says, “If companies don't embrace innovation they will be left behind or become obsolete… When we approached Virgin Media Business we were on the cusp of where we wanted to be but we needed the bandwidth that would allow us to get there and get there faster.”

We installed a 100Mbps Dedicated Internet Access Connection for Volume. With the same predictable upload and download speeds, it’s a reliable and high-quality connection that keeps the brains they’re developing nourished with data.

And even if you’re not designing virtual brains, you’re likely to become more efficient. By putting an end to that stop/start way of working, your employees can go back to only visiting the coffee shop when it’s time for a caffeine hit. And they’ll be no need to dash home to get that critical file uploaded.

Find out more about how Dedicated Internet Access worked for Volume.

Stay tuned for our follow up on article on the benefits of having a leased line.

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