A step-by-step guide to setting up a leased line

Your private internet connection…is served

A Leased Line (or Dedicated Internet Access as we call it) is a full-bloodied evolution for your business, rather than just another upgrade. If you want to upload at the speed you download - on your own private internet connection that you don’t share with anyone – you might be ready for DIA. So what happens next?

First, you'll need a full survey

Most businesses speak to us when they’re at crisis point, which isn’t our recommendation. DIA is a bespoke connection and sometimes that means digging up roads to ‘provision’. And because we have to get Local Authority permission before getting a shovel out, it can take up to 60 working days. So it pays to order early.

Your dedicated account manager

They’ll work closely with you, not just to create your bespoke connection but for as long as you’re with us. And with one contact to sort out any issues or questions (even things like planning your next office move) your internet provider could become more than just another utility.

Flexible, fast and futureproofed

Order the bandwidth you need today; we won’t charge you for what the line can deliver when it’s maxed out. But if opportunity takes you somewhere more demanding, you can ratchet up the bandwidth to the next level when you need it. No drama, no crisis. Costs are fixed so there won’t be any nail-biting moments at billing time. And ‘nearing capacity’ fretting? Consign it to history.

The internet, only better

…delivered by the fibre-optic network that effortlessly ships 2.3 terabits every second with capacity to spare. Add rock solid service level agreements and highly competitive pricing and you’re not just future-proofing your business. You’re ready to evolve.

How much more could you be, with up to 1Gb a second upload and download speeds? Give our team a call on 0808 301 6185 and find out.

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