Connect customers to your data services, fast

Plug customers into your data centre with a connection to our network. Blisteringly speedy, it comes with assured resilience and a range of connection options. We’ll make sure this essential building block of cloud hosting, offsite backup and loads more services is attuned to you.

Our Data Centre Module (the bit that connects you to us) plugs straight in, giving you access to speeds of up to 10Gbps straight away. A single module gives you access to up to 8,000 ports which can be configured quickly and easily.

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Advantages of Data Centre Connectivity

Customised for you

We’ll use our 15 years’ experience to work with you and deliver the solution that your business and your customers need to succeed

Breakneck speed

Our network can deliver carrier-grade connectivity across the UK with speeds up to 10Gbps and latency below 2ms. Need really high capacity? Get up to 100Gbps on our dedicated connection


Proven data compliance

We’re MEF 14 compliant for voice, data and video in concurrent stress tests across the live network

Cut your carbon footprint

Hit your sustainability goals: you’ll be using less hardware, less space, and less power by using our services


Service options


No nasty surprises. Order circuits as required and pay no upfront installation cost.

Backhaul and Tails

Invest in a Data Centre Module upfront, then pay less for each tail circuit you order.


Sit back and let us supply and manage your multi-site networks. You’ll get cost efficiencies and high performance, all managed by experts.


The techie bit

Transport technology

Wave Division Multiplexing.

Connectivity capacity

Initial deployment is 1x 10Gbps providing 9x 1Gbps access circuits. Each 1Gbps circuit can support x24 individual 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports.


The 10U, 17 slot chassis is deployed in an ETSI standard 19-inch rack (not including NTU ports).

Power AC/DC options

The module chassis has a maximum power consumption of 750w when fully equipped – initial deployment will be significantly lower.


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