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A presentation number replaces your regular number when you call out. It’s the one your customer sees.

There are lots of options to choose from. Non-regional numbers like 0300 give your business a national presence and levels the playing field with even the biggest corporations. Freephone numbers like 0800 are great for supporting campaigns and promotions. 0870 numbers can generate you revenue. Or simply nominate a single, central number for your office.

If you have more than one base you can customise where each call should go using call-routing. This means your customers are always talking to the right person. And if you move, your number moves with you.

Your presentation number is supported by your normal network number and is unique to your organisation. This means you won’t be given a number that is already allocated to another business or person. It won’t attract big charges (such as those associated with 090 numbers).

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Advantages of our presentation numbers service


Create a central point-of-contact for your customers.

Keep your number

You can keep your chosen number if you move location.

Freephone numbers

Support your marketing campaigns, promotions and lead generation.

Ofcom compliance

Our Presentation Numbers help you ensure you’re compliant with requirements.


Efficient call routing

Returned calls can be effectively routed to the most relevant person or department.

National reputation

Local businesses can gain a national presence with a simple, non-geographic number.

Generate revenue

Opt for a national-rate number to unlock new revenue streams.

Different options

Select the type of plan that works for you.


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