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Technology analysts Gartner claimed in 2013 that, “every company is a tech company”. They were referring to the fact that in today’s information age, it’s virtually impossible to run a business without access to - and use of - IT. Businesses working in the IT and Creative Design sector from advertising, web and media agencies, to publishers, PR and IT support take this to a different level. IT is not just a business enabler, but is central to revenue generation and market competition. For digital businesses, connectivity is king. And that’s where we come in.


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How can Voom Fibre unleash your business?

Connectivity solutions for IT and Creative Design

If the internet’s core to your business, Voom Fibre (our blisteringly fast – up to 350 Mbps broadband solution) might be this year’s must-have platform. But don’t overlook the benefits of a full-feature phone system either. It’s loaded with extra benefits. Stop thinking about your connectivity and start using it. Whatever tools you need – Cloud apps, VoIP, video conferencing, firewalls or backups – you can unlock almost anything.



Provide business mobile for your staff

We also provide a range of mobile SIM options. These provide the chance to make great savings, especially when you take them as part of a broadband bundle and, as a business mobile option, you can assign all of your staff phones to a single bill. We partnered with EE to give you the best network coverage in the UK.


Secure your phone connection

Access an unlimited* call package for a great value phone solution that gives you zero unexpected bills and provides a local number for a local presence.


Provide a great
customer experience

Providing a great customer experience for your clients involves a speedy and professional response to queries, excellent call handling and prompt document sharing (whether sending large files, or demonstrating your creation in a video conference). We can provide you with all the connectivity you need to help keep your clients happy.


* Unlimited calls to UK local, regional, national, mobile and selected international destinations, included as standard with Voom Fibre broadband and phone bundles (landline calls unmetered for the first 60 minutes and UK mobiles for the first 10 minutes).

The three developers in the business are gaining an extra hour a day, and because we’re no longer paying for two lines, we’re actually spending less money. This has all been possible after the phenomenal jump in speed


Take your phone online

For enhanced functionality, check out Cloud Voice. This is a way of taking your calls online and offers a full-feature call system for everyone. With full-on collaboration tools as standard. It’s a simple way of getting multiple phones across your premises and the option for your staff to use the phones as intercoms to talk to each other. Cloud Voice also allows you to see who’s calling, (let’s you know if your competitors are snooping) as well as receptionist functions. Bundle Cloud Voice with your broadband connection for great value.


Make the most of Business Apps

When you get online, you can make the most of a range of Business Apps to support your business. For example, with Voom Fibre you can run Microsoft Office 365 applications and make the most of benefits such as file back-ups (banish the worry of losing data), real time collaboration, instant messaging and security features.

Choose Option 2 or Option 3 of Voom Fibre to get preferential discounts on Microsoft Office 365, once you are a Virgin Media Business customer. You’ll also be able to benefit from features such as business class email with 50Gb inboxes that can send hefty emails of up to 150Mb.


Enhance your business operations

Our Voom Fibre broadband solutions offer speeds of up to 350 Mbps and are a must for digital business needs. Option 3 opens the door to upload speeds of 20Mbps, and multiple fixed IP addresses for your web and mail servers, FTP sites, or any other app that needs a permanent IP address (this is the number assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider).

You can also tailor each option to best suit your individual needs – for example, if you just can’t afford for your internet connection to go down, you can have a faster fault response SLA to ensure the speediest fix times.


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