4G Start-up and Back-up

for Business Broadband

Connectivity when you need it most


Always Connected

4G Start-up will get your business online and cracking on even before your broadband installation has begun.

What’s more, if things ever go pear-shaped, 4G Back-up will automatically detect the fault and keep you online,
whilst we arrange tech support.



Hit the ground running, even before your installation.

  • Get online instantly with our 4G Start-up  dongle
  • 25Gb per month data allowance
  • Additional data up to 25Gb available at £1/Gb

£40 per month 

£40 per month, charge pro-rated based on installation date



Stay connected over 4G if there’s ever a broadband hiccup.

  • Plug our 4G dongle into your Hub and crack on
  • Unlimited monthly data allowance
  • We’ll automatically be alerted about your issue, so you won’t have to call, we’ll send SMS fix updates

£7 per month

must be purchased with Voom Fibre


All 4G services must be purchased with Voom Fibre.

All prices subject to VAT at 20%.

4G Start-up is subject to a minimum install cost of £50 per site.


Why 4G Start-up and 4G Back-up?

Flexible Data Allowance



With 4G Start-up, you have a data allowance of 25GB per month.

Never lose business due to downtime, with 4G Back-up we will resolve any issue without the need to notify us.

Plug and play, connect multiple devices, and get online anywhere there's 4G signal.

Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions 4G Start-up Service & 4G Back-up Service

What are 4G Start-up and 4G Back-up?
4G Start-up Service is a product that provides you with temporary internet connectivity via 4G, while you wait for your Business broadband product to be connected.
4G Back-up Service 
is a product that provides a backup connection that can be used for internet connectivity if your business broadband ever disconnects. It will autofailover to the backup connection.
When activated, the backup connection will send a message to our Faults team, who will then proactively work on the fixed broadband issue. The customer will be contacted to confirm that we are working on their problem.
How much do 4G Start-up and 4G Back-up cost?
4G Start-up Service is pro-rated according to how long the connection is in place.  For example, 30 days use would be £40. Sales will be able to give you further guidance on the costs associated with this service.
4G Back-up Service is £7 per month, and is tied to the broadband contract.  If you only have six months left on your broadband contract, you will to need to re-sign to a new contract to purchase 4G Back-up Service.
What equipment will be provided to me to deliver these services?
In both instances, (for Start-up or Back-up), a Hitron router, SIM card, USB stick, and USB extension cable are delivered to provide these services. Instructions are included to enable the customer to self install.
What is the data allowance for these products?
4G Back-up Service – there is no data cap for the use of Back-up.
4G Start-up Service – a 25GB allowance per calendar month, with the ability to buy additional data if needed (a maximum of 25GB additional data can be purchased per calendar month; giving a potential 50GB per calendar month).

The customer is assigned 25GB of data for the calendar month. This allowance is assigned whether they activate the connection on the 1st of the month or the 31st of the month.

NOTE: When a new calendar month begins the customer is assigned a new block of 25GB for the new month. Any unused data from the previous month DOES NOT flow over to the new calendar month. 

What if I need more data for my Start-up service?  What are the rules around this data?
Additional data CAN be bought after the Start-up connection has been activated.  It can’t be bought at point of sale of the Start-up service; only after activation. Purchase of additional data is capped at a maximum of 25GB per calendar month.

NOTE: As per the 25GB allowance, no unused data can flow over to the next month.  Any unused data (whether the 25GB allowance, or additional data purchased) is lost once the next month begins. No refund is given for unused data.
What notifications will be given to me around my data usage for 4G Start-up Service? 
Data notifications are sent via SMS to you when your data usage reaches 50%, 60%, 80%, 90%, and 100% of usage via SMS. If you reach 100% usage, your connectivity will be blocked until you purchase additional data.

How do I purchase additional data for 4G Start-up Service?

Either by replying to the SMS you are sent with the amount of data (in Gigabytes, ie 3GB) needed or the customer will need to call 0800 052 0800. Choose option 4, then option 2.

NOTE: Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, excluding bank holidays. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of their rate of data use, by paying attention to the data use notifications, so that they are not left without service, and request additional data in good time.
When can 4G Start-up Service be purchased?

4G Start-up Service can be purchased by customers taking any VOOM broadband product, and also Essential Business 100.  Both broadband only & bundle customers can be offered 4G Start-up, but should be aware that this is providing internet connectivity only.

Can I purchase 4G Back-up Service?
4G Back-up is available to VOOM broadband customers.  It is only currently available for Dynamic IP broadband customers.

It can be offered to both broadband only and bundle customers, HOWEVER, bundle customers should be aware that 4G Back-up will only support their broadband service.  It will NOT back up their voice service.
Are there plans to expand 4G Back-up Service for use with Static IP or Bundle customers?

Yes, we are planning to expand to include single static.   

Use of Back-up by Bundle customers, to cover both broadband and voice, is also planned.  
How does 4G Back-up Service work?
If the fixed broadband completely cuts out, and loses connectivity to the local CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System), which provides data connectivity to the customer, then the 4G Back-Up will automatically start.

When fixed broadband connectivity is restored, that 4G Back-Up will switch off, and the router will auto failover back to the fixed broadband connection.
I am a 4G Back-up Service customer. Do I need to contact Faults when my fixed broadband has dropped?
No. Our Faults team will get a notification when your 4G Back-up connection activates. We will then notify you that we are working on your connection issue.
When will 4G Back-up Service not work?
If fixed broadband connectivity is still present, though perhaps slower than the advertised speed, the backup connection will not kick in. This is because Back-up only autostarts when a complete loss of connection occurs. 

Customers experiencing slow connectivity should contact Faults on 0800 052 0800, choosing option 3.


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