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Salut Wines

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Does anyone really know what they want to do when they grow up? Sara Saunby didn’t, but a love for travel, great food and even better wine led her first to work for British Airways, and then to open Salut Wines, an independent wine bar and retailer in Manchester.

From the outset, Salut Wines was designed to be open and inclusive. Sara’s experience of excellent customer service at British Airways was a driving force behind this vision, aiming to create a space where friends & family could relax, chill out and enjoy great wine.

Salut Wines was Sara’s first business - and a real step into the unknown when she first opened her doors in 2014. Since that point however, a commitment to superb customer service and sourcing top quality wine has meant they went from strength to strength, creating a truly unique and inclusive experience in the heart of Manchester. 

The road to success is rarely smooth, but despite some unforeseen setbacks, Salut Wines thrived, both in store and virtually. Customers continued to order wine online and more importantly, continued to search for a way to replicate at home the inclusive, social experience that made Salut so popular. After multiple requests from customers, Sara agreed to trial some virtual wine tasting evenings. This was a big change from the traditional, in-store tasting format, but thanks to fast, reliable broadband from Virgin Media, the team at Salut felt confident enough to take the plunge and explore a new way of growing the business.   

Unsurprisingly, they were a massive hit. Being able to bring people together, albeit virtually, brought Salut Wine’s exceptional customer service to the forefront of their online business model. Virtual tastings weren’t the only positive change brought about by reliable connectivity however. Customers could now use lightning fast WiFi to enhance their experience in the bar; something that the inconsistent connection from Sara’s old provider had made impossible before.


"Virgin Media is reliable and reliability is key to consistency, and that's the key to customer service"

Sara Saunby, Salut Wines


What’s next for Salut Wines? Having managed a successful reopening of the premises in Manchester, Sara and her team intend to keep running virtual tastings, bringing customers together from across the UK. For Salut, great connectivity has opened a whole new world of opportunity, allowing them to demonstrate exactly why their customer centric, inclusive approach is the way forward.


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