Unleashing Scotland's
Digital Potential

Connecting organisations and helping them unleash their digital potential is at the heart of everything we do at Virgin Media Business. It’s what gets us up in the morning, what drives every improvement, each latest innovation and sometimes, even what keeps us up at night! As one of the largest national network providers, this commitment begins with building and investing in network infrastructure, ensuring organisations across the UK have access to the power of ultrafast connectivity.  

Our work in Scotland is no exception. We’ve sought to bring a complete suite of connectivity solutions to the region, empowering organisations and helping them to unlock their digital potential. Project Lightning has already given over 1 million premises in Scotland access to our gigabit ready broadband network, with a further 360,000 homes and businesses set to receive ultrafast broadband by the end of 2019.

A key part of our success in Scotland has been down to the local depth we’ve achieved as a business. With over 250 employees across 5 regional offices, we have the necessary expertise and resources available at a moment’s notice, so we can continue to support our business customers as they innovate, connect and grow.

We’re well equipped to provide the latest digital tools and solutions. So whether it’s upgrading office hardware, empowering a mobile workforce or utilising the latest security solutions to protect business-critical data, our experts are on hand to help all organisations digitally transform so they can outsmart tomorrow.

We believe every organisation deserves the latest and greatest in connectivity. Whether it’s a brand new start-up or a public sector giant, our ongoing investment in Scotland has put us in the uniquely privileged position of being able to provide solutions that perfectly meet the needs of the region’s organisations and help them unleash their digital potential.

Click the image below to get more detailed insights into how we're supporting Scotland's digital transformation and download the full brochure.

Unleashing Scotland's digital potential

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