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Getting to know your Hitron router

Before you begin, please check your Hitron box came with the following equipment:


  • 12v 2.5 Amp (30W) power adapter for UK mains
  • RJ45 Ethernet cable (1.8 metres long) ABOUT YOUR HITRON ROUTER:


IT Equipment

Cable modem to connect your devices to the Internet.



WLAN supporting dual concurrent band wireless ‘n’ at 2.4GHz and 5GHz and wireless ‘ac’ at 5GHz.Both bands use IEEE 802.11n/ac WiFi access and are backward compatible with A/B/G devices.

If you’ve chosen to take advantage of one of our multi-static IP address options (e.g. 5 or 13 static IP addresses), in addition to the VMB supplied Hitron router, you will require a customer provided router to enable WiFi capability.


Wired Devices

Gigabit LAN switch and 4 port Gigabit Ethernet.



Configurable software firewall for setting filters and controls.

Ports on your Hitron router

2 Port - Hitron CGNV4-BIZ

4 Port - Hitron CGNV4-FX4


Hitron router help videos

Setting Up Your Hitron Router

General Tips About Your Hitron Router



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