Managing Director and Acting Executive Director, Sales


My role at Virgin Media Business

As the MD of Virgin Media Business my role is to lay out a vision and a purpose, define a strategy and secure the investment and resources to execute. Working in an environment where the pace of change is so fast  we have to be agile and ensure continuous “course correction” as the market and the needs of our customers evolve.

The best thing I've experienced at Virgin Media Business so far...

I’ve experienced some pretty awesome things while I’ve been at VMB.  One of the notable activities has been the #VOOM campaign which was my first opportunity to take the Virgin Media Business brand above the line and onto TV. It started out with me driving a taxi across the Thames and was followed by Richard Bransons’s declaration that “Fear is an Energy” and has most recently resulted in a 29 hour Guinness World Record Breaking live event. This ongoing campaign has helped startups in the UK to grow and prosper and has helped double our brand awareness in the UK.

What got me here...

I’ve had a long career in the Telecommunications industry in both UK and global manufacturing companies. I have also had a variety of roles including Sales, Marketing,  Product Management and Customer operations. Before I joined Virgin Media Business I was leading Vodafone’s enterprise business in the UK which included the acquisition of Cable & Wireless.

The best advice I've ever given

“Two ears, one mouth”.

Favourite business saying...

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.

My personal hero...

My personal hero is my father. He’s given me the values and belief system that I have today. He was a working class bricklayer that brought up a family of four and gave us a great moral compass, sense of humour and a self-belief that we could go on to achieve great things. He was an introvert that didn’t say a great deal but what he did say was often just the right amount. He died too young at 72 but I still carry his life lessons with me every day.