Gareth Greppellini

Director, VMB Delivery


‘My role at Virgin Media Business’

My role at VMB is to lead the deliver teams who provide service to all of our customers, whether that be SoHo SME or MLE sector. That’s everything from the point of sale right through to the final delivery of their services.

‘The best thing I’ve experienced at VMB so far’

Was very recently when I got a “thank you” from a customer. I noticed on Twitter that a customer was very upset with the service we were providing them. I managed to interact with them Twitter and we managed to resolve their problem within 24 hours. I didn’t expect anything more, but I received a thank you tweet back, and that meant a lot to me. 

What got me here

I have been in and around B2B telco now for a long time. In lots of different organisations performing different roles, all the way from product development, right through to serving customers in life. I joined Virgin Media Business after deciding I could take on the challenge of fixing and improving the customer experience, and I like to think over the last five years I have been making a difference. 

The best advice I've ever given

I used to work for a Tobacco company, and in the basement was a guy who looked after all the voice and video conferencing suites. I always remember the first time I met him as his screen saver said “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

That doesn’t mean that you shirk away from big decisions or difficult conversations, what it means for me is showing respect for somebody. So over the years, I’ve had to have some tough discussions, but just showing respect and honesty, to me, is the right way forward.

Favourite business saying

Would have to be “living the dream” – I think it’s unanimous with who I am. I’ve been saying it for so long now that I think I believe it! I fundamentally believe that a positive attitude is really powerful and can have a profound effect on your working day or week. 

My personal hero

A man called Jean-Claude Decaux, who we might normally hear about as JC Decaux: the billboard giant. Mr Decaux was a Paris steelworker by trade, and one day he got made redundant, and this was before the days of redundancy packages so he was extremely worried on how he would continue to support his family. Whilst he was on his way home, he sheltered in a doorway to get out of the rain and the cold. On the opposite side of the road he saw a queue of people all standing under individual umbrellas, waiting for a bus.

That’s when he came up with the idea of building a bus shelter, even on his darkest day he saw the opportunity. He knew how he would build it from steel, and would fund it by selling adverts built into the shelter. A great example of building an empire from a simple idea in the face of adversity!