Revolutionary change has
been a long time coming.

Covid-19 just hit
fast forward.

In March 2020, our everyday changed overnight.

But hard times have always sparked innovation. And all over the UK, people and organisations adapted in countless incredible ways, with technology at the heart of it all.

How do we keep that momentum going and make sure the UK is ready to thrive in the world after Covid-19?

Together with the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr), we’re on a mission to answer that question.


What does the UK’s road to rebound look like?

We spoke to hundreds of public and private sector executives across the UK to
get a feel for the future of your industry and others in the wake of Covid-19.


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Your revolution

How has your organisation adapted and improved in the wake of Covid-19?

What role has digital technology played in making that happen?

If you’ve got an interesting story to tell, we’d love to hear it. And so would our readers.

Perhaps it might inspire someone else to make a change that could help them, their organisation, and ultimately the UK, revolutionise the everyday and rise up stronger than ever.