The new everyday in local government


Before March 2020, local authorities were already planning and launching some ambitious digital transformation projects.


But in March 2020, as lockdown created a sudden surge in demand for online services, ‘ambitious’ became ‘essential’ overnight.


From rapidly deploying Microsoft Teams and cloud access to enabling employees to work from home and using digital tools to reduce inequalities, local authorities have proved themselves to be digital innovators like never before.


On this page we’ve explored some of those positive changes and how they’ll benefit UK citizens, not just now but in years to come. 



Why councils are thinking 100% digital


Want to know how local authorities like Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh and Wolverhampton are leading the way on post-pandemic digital transformation?


Our new report explores some of the most exciting projects happening in these areas, including interviews with key people involved in making them happen. 


“Mayor Andy Burnham’s great passion is digital acceleration. If we can get connected and stay connected we can move mountains.”

Sara Todd, CEO, GMCA Digital


“The pandemic crystalised the need to develop strategies which are inclusive but based on innovation.” 

Dr Jayne Brady MBE, Digital Information Commissioner, Belfast


You’ll learn:

  • What Manchester’s Digital Blueprint involved and how it helped the region respond to the pandemic effectively.
  • Why digital innovation was so important to Belfast’s recovery, and what it did to accelerate digital change.
  • How Covid-accelerated digital change has dramatically improved the way Edinburgh council operates, cutting admin time from weeks to hours.
  • How Wolverhampton brought some of their digital transformation plans forward by up to a year and what the impact has been.

What lies ahead for local authorities?


Local authorities have led from the front as they rolled out digital transformation projects to deal with the pandemic.


But what happens next? And how can they make sure they’re ready to rebound and thrive in the world after Covid-19?


We spoke to technology leaders at UK local authorities to find out.


Our report explores:

  • How local authorities are investing in digital transformation projects, and how they plan to do so in future.
  • The future challenges for their workforce and how they plan to overcome them.
  • Which technologies they’re prioritising in the wake of Covid-19.

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