Volume Global: taking the cool kids to school. Silicon Valley? They’re taking our lead

How many businesses in the UK are making money from Artificial Intelligence? Volume Global is one of a handful. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of their story.


Operational goals

Matching an extreme ambition for future technology with the right digital platform.

Virgin Media Business Digital Solution

We provided 100Mbps Managed Internet Access.


We delivered a dedicated, managed, high-speed connection that lets Volume embrace the revolution being powered by digital.


Digital aims and operational goals

When we first spoke to Volume, they had an odd request: “Can you power a virtual brain,” they asked? “Err, probably,” we answered. “Tell us more.”

And so their story unfolded.

Volume Global is a business making tomorrow happen today. While the rest of us read about the potential of Artificial Intelligence, they’re already working with the earliest of adopters.

Having started as a design and marketing agency, Volume was mid-way through a transformation. They’d decided to pivot the company to produce virtual brains. They believe that very soon, talking to our tech will be commonplace. And that it’ll respond in kind.

This is a vision of the world that doesn’t revolve round the ‘type and search’ model perfected by Google a decade ago. And this conviction, bear in mind, was way ahead of the voice-activated assistants from Amazon Echo and the launch of Google Home.

Our role

Well, almost every business needs an ultrafast internet connection. But if you’re working with AI, the need becomes critical. And you have to procure the best.

Once we’d gotten our heads round their requirements, we installed a 100Mbps Managed Internet Access (MIA) connection. With the same predictable upload and download speeds, it’s a reliable and high-quality connection that keeps the brains they’re developing nourished with data.

And as the AI was delivered, large global clients turned to Volume for ‘talk and ask’ solutions. And it’s the same tech that’s now helping create Industry 4.0 – the industrial revolution being powered by digital.

Chief Commercial Officer Miles Beacroft, says: “Tech advancement has always been the lifeblood of Volume. We’re an organisation born out of traditional design and marketing, but are progressive and had both the vision and ambition to become a leading global technology business.

“When we approached Virgin Media Business we were on the cusp of where we wanted to be but we needed the bandwidth that would allow us to get there and get there faster. Our previous 50Mbps wasn’t sufficient for our current needs, let alone support the future journey we were heading in.”


This appetite to move quickly and aggressively into future technology has propelled Volume Global to the forefront of the innovation space. And thanks to Virgin Media Business injecting bandwidth on a par with Volume’s ambition, the business is reinventing customer experience and customer interaction.

Miles continued: “We have always worked with some of the biggest global organisations and have relationships with Gartner, IDC and IBM Watson. If companies don’t embrace innovation they will be left behind or become obsolete. We see the changes afoot, we are aware of the demands of modern-day customers, and that’s why we move in the way we do. “Virgin Media Business supports us through this development phase and provides a fast-track for speed of development and data transfer that we require.”

So if you’re ready to #VOOM like Volume, it’d be great to talk. No request is too ‘out-there’ for us.

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