The Digital Transformation of Health and Social Care 2020

Our latest report, produced in partnership with iGov Survey, examines the complex relationship between digital technology and health and social care in the UK.

How can digital technology transform the UK’s health and social care services? Understaffed, under-resourced and dealing with an aging infrastructure, it’s a question that hospitals, GP surgeries and social care organisations need answered urgently as they move into the new decade. Digital transformation strategies have enormous potential to create a more efficient, better connected health and social care system, but without the right technologies, skill sets, or support systems in place, their impact is likely to be limited at best.

Encouragingly, our latest survey demonstrates that many healthcare organisations are already cognizant of some of the key challenges they’re facing and are already taking steps towards digital transformation:

  • 82% of organisations see collaboration and integrated care systems as a high priority.
  • 64% have begun the process of integrating health and social care services.
  • 76% have said that, with increased funding for digital transformation, they’re looking to improve and update their core infrastructure and network. 

Whilst many healthcare organisations in the UK are already moving in the right direction, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the road to digital transformation will be a smooth one. From legacy technology to lack of in-house skills, there are numerous challenges to overcome, not least the fact that 77% of organisations simply feel as if they have too many competing priorities to make digital and technological change worthwhile.

It’s clear that whilst there’s a real desire to embrace change in the sector, successfully implementing digital transformation in health and social care is an incredibly complex task. With organisations already facing a myriad of competing pressures, it’s vital that we don’t lose sight of the fact that technological innovation should always work to improve the quality and delivery of care in a sustainable, effective manner.

Download and read the full report ‘The Digital Transformation of Health and Social Care 2020’.

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