Is Digital Transformation the
Key to Creating Smarter Cities?

For local authorities, Smart Cities is a tantalising initiative that promises better public services, driven by smart technology and delivered in a more efficient and cost effective manner. With global projections of smart city revenue increasing to $88.7 billion by 20251, it’s vital that local governments adopt a digital transformation strategy that enables them to deliver on their vision of improving infrastructures and services in towns and cities across the UK.

Virgin Media Business have partnered with iGov to produce a report that analyses the key challenges, opportunities and drivers affecting local authorities as they take the first steps towards digital transformation. Key findings include:

  • 82%2 of local authorities see delivering improved services to their community as the biggest driver for their digital transformation strategy.

  • 61% list a lack of resources and knowledge as a barrier to successfully implementing their strategy.

  • Just under half (42%) of respondents, see meeting environmental targets as one of the primary goals in this process.

With over 100 organisations from a wide variety of public sector roles taking part, this report represents a comprehensive insight into how the community needs, environmental concerns and future proofing their services, all affect the decision making of local governments as they look to embrace digital transformation. From prospective suppliers to industry leaders, this report is a must read for anyone working within the public services sector in 2019.

1 ‘Smart Cities and Sustainability’ - Economic and Social Research Council (April 2018)

2 ‘Smart Cities and the Digital Transformation of Local Government 2019’ -  iGov Survey and
Virgin Media Business (May 2019)

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