Impressive results

When limitless ambition meets scalable connectivity

Impression gained the freedom to grow with confidence and support its digital-first customers to Voom. All it took was 100Mbps of dedicated connectivity.

For digital marketing agencies like Impression, data is currency, and reliable connectivity is everything.

Following a period of fast-growth they moved to new premises and started exploring their connectivity options, the incumbent provider’s offer of 8× 1.2Mbps bonded broadband lines simply wasn’t going to cut it.

“We were fortunate to be able to discuss the options with Virgin Media Business quite early on. It became obvious we needed something specific and that was the install of a leased line into the building, initially providing 100Mbps, but with a 1Gb bearer, giving us scalability for business growth. This has really set us up for the future.” 

Aaron Dicks, Managing Director, Impression

Impression replaced their archaic broadband infrastructure with a dedicated 100Mbps leased line – a connectivity solution that can grow as quickly as their ambition.

With the superfast line in place, Impression are fully prepared to help their digital-first customers Voom.

They’ve deployed a new VPN to help mobilise the workforce, and gained powerful new back-office functionality in the cloud. And with Virgin Media Business by their side, they no longer have to worry about connectivity, and can set their sights on further growth across the UK and beyond.

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