Cloud voice: Voicemail service

Minor planned works temporarily impacting your Voicemail service

If you have a Cloud Voice service, we’d like to advise that maintenance work will be taking place on your voicemail service at some point out of hours between 22nd and 26th February 2021.  Work will be carried out between 1am and 5.30am (to minimise disruption) and your voicemail service will only be impacted for a maximum of 10 minutes at some point during this time, whilst work on the specific Voicemail mailbox takes place.  Your mailbox will only be impacted once during this maintenance period.

If you dial 1571 to access your mailbox at the precise moment of the mailbox migration (during the 10 minute migration window), you will hear a recorded message stating “temporarily unavailable”.  The same message will be heard in the event that someone tries to leave a message on your voicemail at this time.  

There are no other impacts to service and all existing Voicemail personalisation and messages will be retained.

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