Cloud voice changes - FAQ's

What’s changing?

Your Cloud Voice telephony service will be switched off at some point for a few seconds between the 20th and 26th June and 6th to 10th July (during the hours of 10pm to 5am), whilst our vendor updates the Session Border Controller (SBC) switches these services run on.

As a result, new subnet addresses have been created and need to be added to your firewall or Access Control List (ACL) in advance of this change taking place. We cannot stress the importance of doing this as quickly as possible, in order for your service to continue to work after the vendor update.

  • Will my phone service be impacted?

Phones attached to your Cloud Voice service will be disconnected for a few seconds whilst they re-register to the new SBCs. Any in-progress calls will be unaffected and the disconnection will take place once calls have ended and the phone is idle.

The upgrade work is planned to take place at some point overnight between the 20th and 26th June and 6th to 10th July 2020. If you add the new subnet addresses in advance, there should be no impact to your service after this time. However, if you don’t update your firewalls or Access Control List with this additional information, your organisation will not be able to receive inbound/make outbound calls.

Please note:If your organisation does not use a firewall service to access your Cloud Voice solution, or if you’re making calls from home outside of a corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) then you may be unaffected by this change. Please refer to the question further down this page for more information.

  • New subnet addresses – your urgent action required

You must add the new subnet addresses to your firewall or Access Control List, in addition to those already configured. We’ve written to you with this detailed information and your product handbook has also been updated with this information.

  • Will this affect employees from my organisation working from home?

Only if your organisation uses a corporate VPN for home workers to access the Cloud Voice service. If your service currently works fine without the VPN (i.e. just over the internet) – you will not be impacted. However when staff from your organisation return to the office, where a firewall may well be in place, the rules will need to be amended in order for any IP phones to continue to work following the upgrade.

  • Virgin Media Business supplies my managed firewall solution – do I need to do anything?

Yes, if we supply your managed firewall solution you will need to request the policy changes from us. Please contact your Account or Service Manager, or call us on 0800 052 0800.

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