New invoice layout for customers
with 6 digit account numbers

We’ve listened to your feedback and improved the layout of our invoices.

What's changed?

  • ‘Invoice Date & Tax Point’ has been changed to ‘Invoice Date’.  This will show in the
    “Your Details” section (top right of your invoice).
  • The Giroslip has been moved to the back of the invoice.
  • Bill messages will now appear at the footer of the invoice (where the Giroslip used to be).  These will be printed on an ad-hoc basis, as necessary.
  • We’ve improved the style and layout of the information printed on the reverse of your invoice, to make it easier to read.

These changes will also be applied to all e-bills too.

The ‘Balance Brought Forward’ has also been removed and only new charges will be shown, together with a monthly statement summarising all outstanding invoices, credit notes and payments received.

Tips for smooth payment
In order for your payment to be allocated correctly please ensure you follow the steps below:

  • when you make your BACS payment to us, please also email your remittance to
  • list the account name, the individual invoice number(s) and payment amount(s) on your remittance (the invoice number can be found on the top right corner of your bill)
  • to view an example remittance, just visit BACs
  • give yourself adequate time for your payment and remittance to reach us, to avoid
    incurring a late payment fee and interest on the outstanding balance.

New sort code
We’d like to remind you that our sort code has changed, so if you pay by BACs you’ll need to update your account details with the new information: 20-11-99. 

You can continue to use our previous sort code (20-11-81) for a short time, however you will receive an automated banking notification until you update your banking/BACS payment system details with our new sort code. The notification is called AWACS (Advice of Wrong Account for Automated Credits Service) and it will detail the new sort code, together with the existing bank account number.   

N.B.  This new sort code is only applicable to BACs payments made for services billed with 6 digit account numbers.

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