A change in our invoicing style

We’ve listened to your feedback and made your invoices easier to understand.

From 27th November 2017, all billing for 6 digit accounts will be presented in a new invoice format. The ‘Balance Brought Forward’ will be removed and only new charges will be shown, together with a monthly statement summarising all outstanding invoices, credit notes and payments received. We’ve put together some FAQs for you below.

What is Open Item accounting?

We’ll be using Open Item on all invoices for 6 digit accounts from mid-November onwards. This style of invoicing means that unpaid invoices are listed as ‘Open Items’ and each ‘Open Item’ has its own balance and invoice. Because you can see this level of granularity, it means you can choose which invoice your payment goes to, rather than it being automatically paid to the mass overall balance from all your accounts.

What is Balance Brought Forward accounting?

This is the total balance of all accounts you may have with us. If a payment is made after the bill date, or a part payment is made, then a balance may appear. For example, if you are late paying your current bill, or adjustments/credits have been made, then your invoice for the next month may have a “balance brought forward” showing on it because the adjustment happened after the invoice had been produced.

It’s November but I still received an invoice in the Balance Brought Forward style?

The new invoice style for 6 digit account numbers will take effect from 27th November onwards. So, if your invoice still shows ‘Balance Brought Forward’, this is most likely because you are billed at the start of the month (before the changes have taken place). Your next bill will be in the new format.


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