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Giacom is a specialist cloud marketplace that’s 100% partner focused. They offer a portfolio of cloud, comms, hardware and billing from the world’s leading vendors and carriers. Giacom are also one of our most valued long-standing partners of over ten years – and we’re proud to be able to support their growing requirements.

Headquartered in Lancashire, Giacom provides solutions to businesses of all sizes across the country. They want to continue expanding their already impressive product portfolio, and we’re here to support them every step of the way.


The challenge: serving simplicity to over 6,000 telco resellers

Giacom is the only provider of comms, cloud, hardware and billing through one platform, Cloud Market. This gives its Channel partners unrivalled access to a comprehensive range of technology products and services, all in one place. Giacom strives to provide simplicity in a highly complex and competitive market, delivering their wide-ranging services to their 6,000 reseller partners in the quickest and most accessible way. While Giacom has a focus on digitally automated services to help achieve their goal, along with software tools and enablement services that their partners can take from them, they need transparency around their capability. The risk of not providing this could mean losing partners to competitors – so first impressions count. It also means that commercial flexibility and partnerships that foster innovation are vital.

The solution: forging a path to profitability

With the intention of overcoming their challenges in 2024 and beyond, Giacom sought our continued support. We provide Giacom with a bespoke commercial framework and service wrap, as well as a best-in-class digital experience, and a roadmap for ongoing, proactive improvements that allow them to best serve their partners.

To ensure the success of our National Ethernet (NE) products, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), National High Capacity Services (NHCS) and future product roadmap that we deliver, we conduct regular face-to-face interviews, delivery workshops and quarterly reviews – providing much-needed transparency and a clear sense of collaboration on network investments.

Giacom also chose us because our network footprint is vast, we offer commercial agility, and our propositions are highly competitive, helping them to deliver market-leading pricing.

All of this means that Giacom’s orders are receiving the priority they deserve within their reseller network. The resellers can quickly and clearly see what products they can bring to the market, and what value they provide. And Giacom can grow and expand their product portfolio with confidence.

The results: soaring service levels and limitless opportunities

Giacom have installed over 2,000 circuits so far with us. This makes us one of Giacom’s biggest partners based on orders received. In a world where data consumption shows no signs of slowing down, it’s clear that our service is helping Giacom to meet ever-increasing capacity and demand.

Consequently, we are one of Giacom’s strategic suppliers of connectivity. We offer the flexibility needed to meet end customer requirements for more bandwidth. And we are passionate about driving ambitious growth together.

By working with Giacom both proactively and reactively across all areas of their business, we’ve been able to help them deliver the very best service levels and resolve issues rapidly. Our decision not to increase prices has contributed to maintaining predictable profitability. And the strength of our partnership has paved the way for countless opportunities.

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The take-up of 1Gb bandwidth has significantly increased year-on-year as businesses big and small look for solutions that will meet their usage requirements. Virgin Media Business Wholesale have the capability and expertise to support this demand – and support the growth plans of both us and our resellers. The team is by our side at every step, and we deeply value the open and collaborative relationship we’ve developed. Here’s to the
next 10+ years…!

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Dale Parkinson, Managing Director - Connectivity, Giacom




Supporting a UK-wide network of over 5,000 local, expert technology providers, Giacom makes it really simple for technology resellers and MSPs to access everything they need to create brilliant technology solutions for UK businesses. Giacom’s market-leading platform, Cloud Market, provides one place where partners can procure and manage comms, cloud, hardware and billing products and services, from the world’s leading vendors and service providers, and access comprehensive resources to enable their business to grow.


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We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Virgin Media Business Wholesale as a partner. The breadth of their network and strength of our partnership means that they have become a key supplier for Giacom and a major component of our success to date. We’re excited to see where the future will take us.

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Nathan Marke, Chief Operating Officer, Giacom


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