Introducing Smart Planning Tool: The shortcut to efficient network route planning

By Mathew Preston, Head of Solution Design, Wholesale Fixed, Virgin Media O2 Business

Our Smart Planning Tool is a game-changing solution designed to accelerate quoting, enhance accuracy and simplify network planning.

As a new software, it will help our internal teams plan routes across our network and provide more accurate costs for partners.

Experience an effortless pre-planning process

Our Smart Planning Tool will facilitate automated end-to-end routing across our network for our Ethernet, Dark Fibre, High Capacity Services (HCS) and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) products. Designing physical routes and point-to-point connections becomes faster, more reliable and much simpler. The feasibility design process across the entire Core and Access infrastructure networks and Openreach PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) network will be quicker, reducing design time significantly.

Cost savings with smart pricing capabilities

Equipped with Smart Pricing functionality, the new tool will provide our Business Pricing Tool (BPT) with improved building connection cost inputs for all premises within 250m of our existing network. By pre-calculating the routes, we can equip our BPT with optimised distance-to-duct measurements and far more accurate pricing of individual premises.

This will help you plan and cost new projects, design efficient routes and ultimately save time and resources.

Export your design with ease

Once you’ve completed a quote via Engage, you can download the visualised fibre routing. Through Engage, designs can be exported as KMZ files, compatible with Google maps overlays. This makes the whole process faster and more reliable, even for multi-route projects that are more complex.

Check out our Smart Planning Tool in action.

Empowering our partners

Our Smart Planning Tool is a significant milestone in our ongoing multimillion-pound investment in digital evolution. It reinforces our commitment to ensuring partners have the tools and resources they need to succeed. This tool will enable partners to take full advantage of local market opportunities faster and more reliably than ever before.

For more information visit the Engage portal to see the new route visualisation feature for yourself or get in touch with us at

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