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When Boldyn Networks, a global shared network infrastructure provider secured the contract from the Greater London Authority (GLA) through Transport for London (TfL) to upgrade the CCTV networks and digital infrastructure in two of London’s bustling boroughs, they sought a long-term trusted partner to help deliver this project. That’s where we came in. With our dense network coverage and years of experience in serving the public sector, we proved to be the perfect fit for the job.


The challenge: modernising security for safer boroughs

The outdated network infrastructure and CCTV systems in the London Borough of Sutton and the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames were demanding an upgrade. The goal was to improve criminal justice outcomes and target potential crime hotspots through better CCTV systems.

Boldyn Networks were tasked with upgrading the network connections to the CCTV cameras at 52 identified sites. The mission was not just to enhance the CCTV network, but also to improve residents’ safety while laying the groundwork for future infrastructure needs.

The solution: pioneering connectivity for progress

Boldyn Networks turned to Virgin Media Business Wholesale to jointly tackle the project. Together, we devised a scalable Dark Fibre solution to meet the immediate connectivity requirements of the CCTV network while setting the stage for borough-wide growth.

Dark Fibre comprised of unlit and unmanaged fibre-optic cables gave Boldyn Networks complete control over the equipment and protocols they wanted to use over the routes.

Boldyn Networks recognised that Dark Fibre would provide limitless capacity and the flexibility to scale bandwidth or use additional wavelengths to meet the future requirements of digital infrastructure, such as IoT (Internet of Things) devices and smart city applications like quality sensors. This future-proof choice allows the borough to deploy new technology at the sites without needing to replace these links in the future.

Leveraging the density of our network, Boldyn Networks used our existing duct and fibre coverage to connect the CCTV network quickly without the additional time and cost associated with laying new fibre. A pair of dark fibre was installed at each CCTV location, creating dedicated links back to the CCTV Central Control Room, bringing each of the 52 upgraded sites online quickly and seamlessly.

Throughout the project, Virgin Media Business Wholesale, and Boldyn Networks recognised the importance of managing installation works and minimising disruption. By managing the project effectively, we were able to deliver ahead of schedule with minimal impact on the public.

The results: a safer tomorrow through connected communities

The upgraded cameras now provide more reliable footage which can be used as strong evidence in court if needed. Having a broader coverage also acts as a deterrent to potential criminals and allows law enforcement to gather important evidence.

Boldyn Networks' partnership with Virgin Media Business Wholesale achieved more than just network upgrades; it propelled two London boroughs into the future of digital connectivity and safety. By prioritising scalability, adaptability, and innovation, the project laid the foundation for not only enhanced security but also the seamless integration of emerging technologies. This success story showcases the transformative power of connectivity in building safer, smarter, and more prosperous communities.

Looking forward, we’re eager to continue working with Boldyn Networks and other partners, collaboratively building safer and more connected communities across the UK.

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Boldyn Networks is honoured to lead grant-funded initiatives, partnering with Virgin Media Business Wholesale, Transport for London, Greater London Authority, and local boroughs for essential full-fibre infrastructure, driving a connected London forward. Through this partnership, we were able to boost connectivity, enhancing safety and local services. We're excited to collaborate with all boroughs, fostering connected communities across London.

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Jamie Hayes, Managing Director, Streetscape & Fibre, Boldyn Networks



Boldyn Networks

Boldyn Networks (formerly BAI Communications) is a global shared network infrastructure provider. They deliver innovative solutions for connected transit, venues, enterprise, and smart cities. Backed by Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments), they are one of the largest and most established neutral host providers in the world.


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This project brought CCTV and digital connectivity to previously hard-to-reach areas within the borough, improving community safety and supporting the police, courts, and the rollout of smart city technologies. Working with Virgin Media Business Wholesale, Boldyn Networks, TfL and GLA was a pleasure. Despite the challenges that any project of this scale throws up, it was delivered ahead of schedule and within budget thanks to their professional and supportive approach.

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Chris Begley, Resilience Planning Manager (CCTV), Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

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