Safeguard your success: Four ways great internet security benefits small businesses

In today’s digital landscape, we’re seeing more and more businesses utilise technology to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Unfortunately, these digital transformations have ushered in a new wave of sophisticated cyber threats. It’s tempting to believe small businesses can fly under the radar of cybercriminals, but with 38% of small and micro businesses experiencing a breach in 20221 safeguarding your business has never been a greater priority.

When it’s done right, internet security will go beyond simply protecting your systems and become an integral part of your business’s digital strategy. That’s why we’re including F-Secure’s award-winning internet security solution in all our Voom Fibre Bundle packages. Interested in learning more about safeguarding your success? Here are four ways internet security will benefit your business:

Your business devices are protected:

All internet-connected devices are vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. One errant click and malware, cleverly camouflaged as email attachments, advertisements or ‘helpful’ applications, can work its way inside your systems. Once inside, it can wreak havoc on your network and devices; monitoring activity, restricting file and software access, stealing information, or simply destroying your data. Implementing preventative measures such as strong password policies and two-factor authentication is a good start, but fortifying your devices with up-to-date anti-virus will significantly mitigate the chance of a successful cyberattack.

With F-Secure’s award-winning anti-virus protection, you can secure the entire team, with coverage for up to 15 devices. A real-time, comprehensive internet security solution which protects against viruses, trojans, spyware and ransomware, so you can rest assured your business’ devices are safe against the online threats of today.

Your sensitive data is secure:

Whether it’s customer information, financial records, or intellectual property, your business’s sensitive data is an alluring target for cybercriminals. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could be used for identity theft, unauthorised financial transactions, or used as the basis of more convincing phishing attacks in the future. Securing your sensitive data not only keeps your business and customers safe but ensures compliance with data protection regulations. In short, an effective internet security solution is one of the best ways to save you the headache of potential financial and reputational losses.

F-Secure’s award-winning anti-virus protection will already have your data and devices secured, but their banking protection really goes the extra mile. During online shopping and banking sessions, your connection is secured, with every website checked upon entry. Unsafe applications and websites are automatically blocked, preventing any external parties from hijacking your session, accessing your business's financial data and performing unauthorised actions. 

Work environments are safe and productive:

A successful cyberattack can be immensely damaging to your business’ productivity. Systems rendered useless by malware can lead to unprecedented periods of downtime, and the recovery or recreation of compromised data can cause further setbacks. Investing in a well-protected digital environment enables you and your employees to work confidently and efficiently. What’s more, fostering a cyber-aware culture through education and training encourages a safe and effective response to threats.

With all your business devices covered under F-Secure anti-virus, you can work confidently whenever, wherever. Not only does F-Secure protect against infected email attachments, keeping your daily communications risk-free, but their browsing protection also grants you and your employees the freedom to explore the internet without fear of running foul of malicious websites. Scam websites are blocked, and search results are colour-coded, warning you of any suspicious websites before you enter them.

Your business improves its cyber-reputation:

Implementing a robust internet security protocol demonstrates your business’s commitment to protecting sensitive data and ensuring a safe digital environment. The ability to prevent data breaches, identity theft, and business downtime helps reassure both customers and employees that their information is in safe hands. In an increasingly tech-driven world, having a reputation for good cyber-hygiene will do wonders for building stronger business relationships, trust and loyalty.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the benefits of safeguarding your small business with the best in internet security. For more insights and articles designed to help small businesses unlock their potential, you can visit our Insights Hub

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