Giving Small Businesses Swagger: Voom Fibre is changing the business broadband game

As an increasing number of small businesses look to adopt digital services, the need for ultra-fast, reliable business broadband has become more important than ever. Whether it’s expanding your sales reach with a new e-commerce platform, or simply delivering a seamless connection that empowers employees, customers and business partners, there’s simply no room for sub-standard broadband.

It’s time to change the game. With slow broadband impacting 77% of SMEs in 20211,
Voom Fibre is here to give them their swagger back, keeping them better connected, more agile and prepared to handle whatever the world throws at them. Sounds too good to be true? Let us explain how our lightning fast broadband can help you transform your business:

Our fastest fibre broadband is for everyone

There are lots of promises in the market right now about broadband speeds, with a number of providers promoting 1GB and full fibre solutions for businesses. Read the small print however, and you’ll find that these speeds are only available for a portion of the market who are lucky enough to be located in the right areas. To put it another way, it’s like owning a supercar, but living on an island with only one paved road!

By contrast, Voom Fibre is available to every single business customer on our network. This means that every Virgin Media Business customer has access to a lightning fast connection. That’s enough speed to keep your business connected no matter what you need from your broadband - whether that’s stress free streaming for your customers or crystal clear voice calls and lightning fast collaboration for your team.

Ultra reliable connectivity - no matter what

Speed is one thing, without a reliable connection, it can be more frustrating than liberating. What good is ultrafast broadband if you’re half expecting it to drop out every other day? With so many small businesses now relying on digital tools and technology to make sales, improve customer service and communicate with clients, an unreliable broadband connection can really impact the bottom line.

Of course, no one can guarantee that broadband will never, ever go wrong, but if it does, it doesn’t have to mean your business goes offline. With Constant Connect, any faults are reported in real-time and a 4G back up dongle means that there’s no downtime as your business powers on through whilst we fix the problem. You won’t even be waiting long: All of our Voom Fibre business broadband packages come with 24 to 12 hour fault resolution times. That means no more lengthy waits for your card reader to re-connect to the broadband in store, no more last minute email apologies for disconnecting from video calls - it’s connectivity you can count on, no matter what.

Broadband that helps small businesses grow

Speed, reliability and great customer support are vital elements of any great business broadband solution, but it’s what this solution allows small businesses to achieve that’s really important. Whether it’s reimagining their business model for a globally connected, digitally literate marketplace, or investing in technology designed to streamline and improve customer experience, great connectivity is more often than not the key that can unlock this evolution. In fact, 31% of small businesses feel that the limitations of their current broadband is a barrier to growth2, a stat that really highlights the transformative potential of Voom.

Voom broadband can be tailored to the needs of each business, with enough flexibility to empower growth, rather than inhibit it. If you need to support a growing team, you can add more phone lines, static IPs and increase your download speeds, right up to 1gb. Additional support and 4G back up means you can invest in new digital services with confidence, from contactless payment systems or in-store apps to enhance customer experience. Unmatched speed, incredible reliability, and flexible, tailored solutions? All of this adds up to broadband that makes the UK’s small businesses ready for anything.

You can find out more about Voom Fibre business broadband solutions here. For more insights and articles designed to help small businesses unlock their digital potential, you can visit our Insights hub.


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