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Financial difficulties

If financial difficulties lead to issues paying a bill, a specific process is in place to support customers.  A team will perform a review of the customer’s account and will contact them directly by phone to discuss their needs.

If no contact is able to be made by phone a letter will be sent notifying the customer that their services may be restricted in 7 days if they do not contact Virgin Media Business. During that 7 day period a further review of the account and payment status is made with a further attempt to contact the customer by telephone.

If there is no response, by the end of the 7 day period stated in the letter the customer’s services could be restricted.  If a customer’s services are restricted we will send out a further letter informing the customer of the restriction and advising of next steps.

During any restriction imposed, customers can continue to make calls to emergency services.  Service restrictions may include a bar on all some outbound calls, a bar on outbound calls, or a bar on both outbound and inbound calls.

Where financial difficulties results in the customer being unable to pay their bill, a bespoke payment arrangement may be agreed; this may be a payment plan with a reduced monthly cost. Services will continue until arrears are cleared, unless there is a further default in payment, in which case the bespoke payment agreement will be re-reviewed.


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