The NHS have a vision to transform the way people experience the NHS through technology, by connecting them to the information and services they need, when they need them. Their ambition is to supply fast, secure and free WiFi connectivity for all patients, visitors and staff.

Making life easier for patients

People expect to be connected where ever they go, whether they’re at home, travelling or at the doctors.

Bringing free WiFi into surgeries means patients can use their devices while waiting, improving the overall experience of a trip to the GP.

Free WiFi can also play a big part in patient’s looking after themselves better. They can log into online patient services, download health apps and gain more knowledge from online health information. The NHS can really start to give patients the power to take control of their own health which in-time, can help reduce the overall pressure on GP services.

Delivering better patient care

As well as patients, WiFi connectivity can also bring many benefits for doctors, nurses and other NHS staff.

By connecting mobile devices to the surgery network, employees are free to work how and where they need, whether in surgery or on home visits, without losing access to patient records and vital health information. There’s less paperwork, which helps to free staff from time consuming tasks and focus on what really matters, the patient.

And with everything connected, collaborating with colleagues is easier, helping everyone work better together.

With the right connectivity and the right digital tools, WiFi can improve workforce productivity, drive efficiencies and deliver better patient care.

Creating connected spaces for GP surgeries

Working in collaboration, iGov Survey and Virgin Media Business found that just a third of NHS organisations offer sufficient WiFi connectivity for patients and staff.

Virgin Media Business can help GP surgeries establish a ‘connected space’ for patients, enabling them to take greater control of their health needs. For employees, we explore the challenges WiFi is looking to address, how to avoid the barriers to adoption, and how to provide secure access from anywhere – and on any device.

A partner you can rely on 24/7

We’ve been working in the public sector for over 17 years, and know the importance of secure and safe connectivity.

We have a track record of supporting and providing WiFi capability to other organisations including Heathrow Airport and London Underground.

Our WiFi solutions are flexible, scalable and cover everything from design and build, right through to implementation and 24x7 support.

We’re a single supplier solution with a dedicated team of WiFi experts ready to help you deliver seamless, secure digital user experiences for your patients and staff in a ‘connected space’.

*Source: WiFi programme, NHS Digital: July 2017

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