Communicating through Covid-19 and beyond

Learn how these UK firms went remote in a matter of days, paving the way for flexible working long after lockdown is behind us.

Covid-19 forced organisations everywhere to adopt new remote working technologies overnight.

Decision-makers had to act fast and do whatever they could to enable remote communication and collaboration. If they didn’t, their people simply wouldn’t be able to work or serve their customers.

As a result, changes that would have taken months before were happening in weeks or days.

But how do you make sure those rapid technological changes work for your people and customers, not just now but in years to come?

We’ve created this short report to help you answer that question and more.

You’ll learn:

  • Why simplicity, integration and security are so important when it comes to effective remote communication
  • How two UK organisations managed to make their workforce fully remote in as little as 24 hours from the lockdown announcement
  • How you could achieve the above for your own organisation and a checklist of things to consider

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