Dark fibre vs Managed services: Making informed choices for your network

When it comes to finding efficient and reliable network solutions, organisations are faced with an important decision: dark fibre or managed services?

This choice demands careful consideration, as it can directly influence your business model, and have financial and operational implications.

While dark fibre offers a multitude of benefits, its essential to weigh a few considerations and explore how the right partner can help manage any challenges that arise, before diving in headfirst.

To help you navigate this decision, check out our infographic below which outlines the key factors to consider. And don’t forget to download our whitepaper, Unlocking the Opportunities of Dark Fibre to gain valuable insights into the potential of dark fibre and its suitability for your core network and backhaul requirements.

Dark fibre vs Managed services

Whether you’re considering managed services or dark fibre routes, we offer comprehensive solutions across our expansive network. And we’ve got the experience and expertise to help deliver on your business growth plans.

If you’d like to talk through any of these options in more detail, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us at

Need to meet high-speed connectivity demand?

Find out how to unlock the opportunities of dark fibre and stay ahead of the game.

Dark fibre whitepaper

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