200 Vincent Street:
connectivity without compromise. Necessity or luxury?

“Connecting into servers, accessing cloud-based apps or running IP-telephony, our clients require a dedicated connection into their own space with the flexibility to scale up as their business requires it. MT MIA from Virgin Media Business aligns perfectly.”

Kim Wilson, Managing Director of 200 Vincent St


Operational goals

Luxurious business complex 200 Vincent St wanted grown-up internet for all tenants.

Virgin Media Business Digital Solution

We installed Multi-Tenant Managed Internet Access.


New, fuss-free fast internet has translated into new clients and an expanding business.


Digital aims and operational goals

200 St Vincent Street is a luxurious business complex. Millions have been spent on its refit. Its connectivity overhaul was significantly less.

Over its seven, Grade A-listed floors, are conferencing suites, banqueting facilities, exhibition and presentation areas - as well as serviced office space for temporary and permanent business tenants. It’s the very model of modern commercial property. And it gives its tenants the opportunity to #VOOM. Which makes no-fuss fast internet a key hygiene factor throughout the building.

Our role

Recognising the slow death of ADSL and a pre-requisite for business grade internet access, Managing Director, Kim Wilson, plumped for Virgin Media Business’ Multi-Tenant Managed Internet Access (MT MIA) to help support her tenants’ need to #VOOM. Which means it helps her grow revenues today - and leave room for further expansion via in-built scalability tomorrow.

MT MIA also lets businesses in multiple tenancy buildings hook up to existing internet connectivity so they can hit the ground running from the moment they take residence. “From fledgling to fast growth clients, requirements differ from one tenant to another,” said Kim. “We may be renting out serviced office space to a small group of three, or a full floor to a hundred employees, so a scalable solution is important. MT MIA from Virgin Media Business fits neatly with our proposition.

“A business could have a permanent office elsewhere and perhaps wants to position themselves in an impressive environment, giving the impression of a bigger presence in the city. Whatever their individual circumstances, the IT requirement is vital and it’s always one of the first questions we’re asked.


Prior to the Virgin Media Business solution being installed, tenants would compete for access. From budgets to bandwidth, contract length through to speed, 200 SVS’ rapidly ageing ADSL connectivity was holding back progress.

Enter #VOOM.

Making full use of the MT MIA solution, 200 SVS is now able to offer bandwidths of 50Mbps or 100Mbps, really allowing its tenants to unleash their digital prowess. Dedicated, uncontended access means there is no fighting for bandwidth and speed. The cost-effective solutions are quick and easy to set up now the connection is in the building.

And what of the future for 200 SVS? With the continued uptake in its serviced offices, 200 SVS is set to extend its footprint even further, transforming its vacant building space and opening its doors to more of the city’s growing businesses. With talk of all this extra #VOOM, they’ll be queuing round the luxurious block.

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