Ceasing Traditional Voice Solutions - FAQs

A change to your traditional analogue voice solution

Please read the FAQs below in relation to the recent mailing about your traditional analogue voice service.

Why are you making this change?

Due to advances in technology, all traditional analogue based voice solutions (telephony) will be ceased and replaced with solutions running on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Cloud based digital technology over the next 5 years.  This change isn’t unique to Virgin Media Business, it impacts all providers and Ofcom is overseeing this planned programme of works.

When are the changes taking place?

The programme of works spans over the next 5 years.

How will I know when my services will be impacted?

Switches providing the traditional based analogue voice solutions will be decommissioned in phases.  We will contact you 6 months in advance of the decommission date, to notify you and give you ample time to change your service to an alternative solution using our VoIP or Cloud based digital technology.

What if I want to keep my existing analogue service?

Regrettably this won’t be possible.  When the switch is decommissioned, all connectivity will be lost and your existing service will cease.  As this impacts all telecommunications providers, it is unlikely that other providers will be able to offer the traditional analogue voice-based telephony service.

Will I be charged if you turn off my service?

If you are still within your minimum period of service at the time services are ceased, then no, you will not be charged any cancellation charges.

How can you help me?

We offer a wide range of digital voice solutions, which are scalable and meet the growing demands for businesses of today.  To view more about our VoIP and Cloud based offerings, please visit www.virginmediabusiness.co.uk.  Alternatively, you can call our team on 0808 231 7072 (Enterprise Customers) or 0808 250 7359 (Public Sector).  You can also email them at DigitalVoiceTeam@virginmedia.co.uk.

I don’t just use my telephony service for phone calls, I also use it other special use cases. What happens now?

Many suppliers of Alarms, Telemetry, Lifts, Point of Sale equipment etc. have developed new IP based hardware or analogue telephony adapters that work with digital data services - please contact your supplier to find out more.

I only use my service to make phone calls, how do I do this over a VoIP or Cloud based service?

We appreciate that the needs of every business are totally unique.  We can work with you to ensure that you have the most appropriate service to meet your needs.  IP phone calls can be made easily over an internet connection and we have a variety of broadband, VoIP and Cloud based solutions depending upon your specific requirements.  

What happens to my existing Local Area Network (LAN)?

We are happy to review your existing infrastructure and recommend any changes.  If your LAN is wireless or fixed, then it can already carry digital voice traffic.

What happens to my existing features on my Centrex or PBX?

If you agree to transition your existing analogue telephony service to one of our digital solutions, you will benefit from an enhanced range of features based on newer technology. 

What will happen to my existing phones?

If you choose to keep your existing PBX and move to a SIP service, your phones will not need to be changed.

If you choose to move your service to one of our new Cloud or VoIP services, you’ll have a variety of options available such as new IP phones, laptops or mobiles.  

What about a hybrid dial plan, can I keep my old one in migrations?

Your old dial plan will not be compatible with the new solution   We will work with you to talk you through setting up a new dial plan using the newer technology. 

Resilience is really important for my organisation, what happens to phone calls with digital based solutions?

As calls on VoIP and Cloud based solutions are routed through data networks, these services are required to be connected to local power.  So, in the event of a power cut, we do recommend having a back-up line (such as a mobile).

The good news is that VoIP and Cloud based services can easily be diverted to home numbers, mobiles etc. without end callers seeing those numbers (sales and marketing outbound calls excluded), providing more flexibility in most disaster recovery situations, e.g. power loss, unexpected weather conditions.

I use this service for my Contact Centre – what happens here?

Our digital VoIP and Cloud based offerings provide very similar solutions and are totally scalable, to meet the needs of your business. 

What about existing lifts, telemetry, alarms in toilets/buildings or personal alarms for the vulnerable?

If you have any connected devices that you use currently with your phone service (such as payment machines/EPOS terminals or security alarms etc.), you’ll need to check that they will work with VoIP/Cloud based solutions.  If you need the device to operate 24/7, including during any power outages, then you’ll need to ensure they have their own battery and network back-up.  The best way for you to check this is to call your device provider and speak with them directly.

What about 999 calls?

As the VoIP or Cloud based phone service is provided over our broadband network, if you have a local power cut, your phone service will not work and you will not be able to make or receive calls, even to emergency services.

Calls will connect to 999 services when there is power.

Vulnerable employees calling 999 – what happens using VoIP or Cloud based solutions?

Most employers will have a plan to ensure vulnerable employees can escape an emergency situation. If vulnerable employees are working at a site without the support of other employees with mobiles it is important that the vulnerable employee has access to a personal or work mobile to dial 999, just in case there is a power cut.

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