The big analogue switch-off is underway: time to ring in the new

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and ISDN technology that we all still use rely on the same technology that Alexander Graham Bell patented way back in 1881. So it’s certainly had a good innings.

But now it’s time for a change. The network is showing its age. The lines are deteriorating and the infrastructure can’t cope with what’s being thrown at it.

Wave goodbye to yesterday’s tech

Bluntly put, if you’re using the old analogue lines, pretty soon your existing communications infrastructure will no longer operate.

This doesn’t just mean that your colleagues won’t be able to make and receive calls on their office landlines. It could affect your digital infrastructure too, having an impact on your core functions like internet access.

Tomorrow’s world won’t work on yesterday’s tech, so everyone’s going digital to enjoy faster, more secure networks.

Obviously, such a loss of connectivity could have a knock-on effect on customer satisfaction and revenue. If your organisation is in the public sector, citizens’ and patients’ lives could be severely affected too.

Everything from panic alarms to traffic light monitoring have traditionally relied on the old network. So if you have any infrastructure that depends on analogue lines, it’s time to switch over to digital so your services can carry on working.

Keeping your old, analogue network is not an option we’re afraid. But the upside is that digital networks bring endless opportunities.

It’s happening as we speak

We know what it’s like. You’ve got loads going on and the analogue switch-off isn’t high up your priority list, right? But it’s worth making time for it even so, as you could see major benefits when you do.

Plus, the switch-off is actually already underway. Countries like Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands have already gone fully IP over the past few years. All around the UK, organisations are currently upgrading their networks to be fully digital and reaping the benefits.

That means more and more organisations are switching to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions.

The pandemic played a big part in all this change, nudging many organisations towards making the switch. If you use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, 8x8 or other online meeting platforms, that’s what we’re talking about.

Another reason to start planning is that providers have already begun switching off the old services since 2021.

The last thing you want is to be playing catch-up at the last minute. So the good news is with a little planning now you can make sure you’re ready.

Connectivity reimagined

So, we’re all going digital. What are the advantages? It’s actually a great time to take stock and think of the bigger picture. Wouldn’t it be great to stop fighting all those fires separately and rethink your infrastructure fully, in order to resolve all the challenges and ensure it’s future-proofed?

Acting now and future-proofing your organisation can give you so many long-term benefits. Let’s take a look at just a few:

  • Accelerate to the cloud

If older technology is hampering the service you can deliver, then moving your digital transformation up a gear could enable faster and more efficient ways of working.

  • Fully enable hybrid and dynamic working

So many of us have embraced hybrid working. Now you can embed it properly into your organisation by reviewing and streamlining your comms tech.

  • Improve customer and people experience

The big analogue switch-off gives you the perfect excuse to review your services and make everything as efficient as possible, so people enjoy interacting with your organisation.

  • Embed sustainability

Going digital can help to reduce your carbon footprint. Acting in an environmentally responsible way is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must.

A quick word about security too. The big analogue switch-off is a great opportunity to set up a really integrated and secure infrastructure across connectivity, security and voice. Make sure they all support each other, rather than get in the way. In the long run, you’ll save so much time and money. Learn more about the art of the possible.

Tick, tick, tick - don’t keep putting it on hold

Like we said, the big analogue switch-off is going on right now, so you need to get organised. Otherwise you might not be able to serve customers or citizens pretty soon.

So what now? When you’ve evaluated your existing infrastructure and understood the critical areas, you need to identify business and tech objectives, from crucial to nice-to-have. You’re going to need a connectivity partner to help you through the transition from strategy to execution. That’s where we can help. Get in touch and let’s talk through your needs.

Whatever you do, don’t put off the upgrade to digital until tomorrow.

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