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How could Neos Networks deliver the infrastructure of a new network to a range of public service sites across Oxfordshire – improving the quality of life for the community and laying the foundations for a smart county?


The challenge: bridging the connectivity gap

When Neos Networks won the bid to upgrade Oxfordshire County Council’s connectivity infrastructure through Project Gigabit they had a task at hand. They needed to connect public service sites including schools and libraries across the county.

However, the challenge was that these areas didn’t have a fibre network – which was vital for their plan to bring high-speed internet to Oxfordshire.

The solution: leveraging dark fibre for connectivity

Given our extensive network coverage, Neos found an ideal partner in us to expand connectivity to digitally underserved areas across the county.

Leveraging our existing Dark Fibre network and expanding further with new Dark Fibre, Neos collaborated with our dedicated project manager who brought valuable experience from working with Neos on other projects. This strengthened our ability to work together to efficiently build the new infrastructure.

We connected the sites through cable links into a nearby BT exchange cabinet. Neos then strategically placed equipment in the BT exchange, lighting the fibre to each site.

Dark Fibre was a smart choice, saving time and aligning with Project Gigabit’s requirements for future-proofing connectivity within the county while delivering the most cost-effective solution for the council.

The results: from public spaces to community hubs

Our partnership has placed fibre at the heart of the Oxfordshire community, providing significantly improved connectivity to around 200 public service sites in mostly rural locations where fibre connectivity has been traditionally difficult and expensive to provision.

It’s all part of building upon Oxfordshire’s wider commitment to improve connectivity across the county – linking into the council’s Digital Infrastructure Programme.

By turning community centres into working hubs, we’ve reduced the need for people to travel long distances for services like health and social care, laying the foundations for a smart county ready for future innovations such as connected vehicles and other Internet of Things (IoT) services.



Neos Networks

Neos Networks has the UK’s largest business-dedicated network. With over 600 points of presence and 90 data centres nationwide, Neos provides high-capacity critical connectivity for UK businesses, from telecoms and energy to banking and emergency services.

Agile and customer-focused with almost limitless scale, Neos enables emerging technologies like AI, 5G and IoT, making connectivity work for Britain.


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