Less than a week to go!

Plus the Leaderboard Lens on 1 May 2018

Is that a brilliant idea you’ve got there, simmering away on the back burner? C’mon. Enter it now – and let’s get cooking.

Because the deadline for entries, 8 May, is just over the horizon.

Doesn’t matter if your idea isn’t fully formed, because the kernel can be enough. Remember, you’re pitching your idea to people, aka our judges, who are talented entrepreneurs and know a great business concept when they see one.

So anyway, while you’re contemplating how you’d spend a heap of prize money, let’s see how those folks are doing who’ve grabbed VOOM by the horns. Here are our leaderboard highlights for 1 May…

Up a whopping 14 places to Number 36 is Empty Trip, which sets out to solve the problem of the empty taxi on the return leg.

Up from 32 to Number 29 is the DIY events planner EventsCubes, and at Number 25 – and up two places – is the intriguing Reading in Heels.

The Cheeky Panda, which rose an impressive seven places, is now at Number 9. And we have three non-movers – Eva’s Adventures, Grocemania, and V-ATE Pit-stop Dining in 8th, 7th, and 6th place respectively.  

Down one place at Number 11, but still looking good after a healthy leap forward earlier in the week, is Beer Done Differently.

Diversability Card falls – but not by much – from 9th to 10th place. And new in at Number 3 is Recruitment Agency Revolution, which leap-frogs Dorset Science & Technology Centre and Smarty Software, pushing them into 4th and 5th position.

Vying for top spot but still in 2nd place is non-mover CleverBooks (Empowering Learning Through Augmented Reality).

Which means that today’s Number 1 – another non-mover – is (drum-roll) the anti-poverty brainchild of Nathaniel Richards, Nifties!

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