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No matter which trade you have the qualifications or experience in, we’re pretty confident you’ll also be skilled at juggling. Whether it’s fitting in jobs for customers located on different sides of town, or managing a diary that changes from week to week or even by the hour, we know that your phone and your calendar are key. Our connectivity and services can help make sure you never miss a call and your website connection is safe as houses. In other words we can help you improve customer experience, make it easy to do business – on your premises and your customers’ premises – and help you with communications cost savings and flexibility.


Find out how fast you can go on our network!

Speeds up to 500Mbps


How can Voom Fibre unleash your business?

Connectivity solutions for tradespeople

Voom Fibre, our broadband connection, changes your everything. It helps you stop thinking about your internet connection and start using it. And with up to 350Mbps of heavyweight broadband, you can do everything faster.


Secure your phone connection

Access an unlimited* call package for a great value phone solution that gives you zero unexpected bills and provides a local number for a local presence.


Take your phone out & work wherever your customers need you

We provide a range of mobile phone options to help you provide great customer service.

These provide the chance to make great savings, especially when you take them as part of a broadband bundle and, as a business mobile option, you can assign all of your staff phones to a single bill. We partnered with EE to give you the best network coverage in the UK.


Manage admin and business tasks

With a great internet connection you can better manage your supply chain, order materials online, send quotes and raise invoices. Information such as inventory management can be shared quickly and easily across sites and with head office if you have one. With up to 350Mb download speed and up to a 7mb upload speed you can make the use of Cloud applications like accounting apps to manage and pay staff and manage invoicing customers in one central place that all staff members can access in real time.


We now have a robust, powerful system which has changed the way in which our HQ communicates with our repairs depot and other sites throughout the region


Raise your online profile

If you don’t already have a website, it’s worth thinking about creating one. On the simplest level, it can act as a billboard advertising your services and can provide potential customers with your address and phone number (so that they can find you and book your services).

You could also use your website to take & manage bookings and link it to your diary to keep on top of your work commitments. If you want a website, you’ll need an online connection and a fixed IP (this is the number assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider).


Get online with
Voom Fibre

Our Voom Fibre solutions offer speeds of up to 350 Mbps & can support extra functionality (such as IP CCTV security cameras). If your customers come to you – for example your garage may have a waiting room – you might want to offer guest WiFi.

This is easy to do with our Voom Fibre connection, just remember to run a second wireless router so you can use one for business and one for guests. According to a Yankee Group study, 96% of customers prefer locations that offer free WiFi and would return to places that offer it.


Make business easier
with Business Apps

When you get online, you can make the most of a range of Business Apps to support your business. For example, with Voom Fibre you can run Microsoft Office 365 and make the most of benefits such as file back-ups, real time collaboration, instant messaging and security features.

Choose Option 2 or Option 3 of Voom Fibre to get preferential discounts on Microsoft Office 365, once you are a Virgin Media Business customer. Accounting, payroll, planning, payment. What else do you want to do in the Cloud?


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