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Flexibility is the bottom line when it comes to our network and data services. Because no two businesses (or even business objectives) are the same, we offer a full range of Ethernet, High Capacity, Leased Line and Dark Fibre products.


See something you like? Choose it, add to it, or combine it with other services.


Whatever you’re looking to achieve  – from new and ambitious revenue growth to a quick technical patch - we’ll help you design the optimal solution to deliver it. With the benefit of our not inconsiderable experience.    

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Ethernet Solutions

Say hello to faster, simpler, more joined-up communications. Our fibre optic network reaches almost anywhere, and we don’t charge by distance – you only pay for what you use. It means real-time collaboration within your business, rapid transmission of data, and easier application sharing. It’s about easy, speedy access from anywhere.


Ethernet Extensions Plus

This includes everything you get with Ethernet Solutions, plus up to 7 Classes of Service, rate limiting and web-based performance reporting. It’s available nationally, between sites up to 35km apart, and at speeds of 10/100 Mbps and 1Gb. If you’re moving large volumes of data between two sites this is the cost-effective way to do it, with minimal fuss.


High Capacity Services

Our high capacity services deliver 1Gb and upwards of bandwidth that you don’t share with anyone else. This means you can support lots of different types of connectivity between sites. Think VoIP, data exchange and video conferencing – all beyond ultrafast.

You can also get protected or unprotected 1Gb, 2.5Gb and 10Gb wavelengths, and can choose how your service is provided: either as a Virgin Media Business POP-to-POP service or a tailored solution. It’s up to you.


Dark Fibre and co-location

Our dark fibre and co-location services are available throughout our national network. They tend to be bespoke, so why not call us? We can tell you more.Also available is
G652 specification fibre, with some G655 Corning Leaf specification on some routes. Service is available with or without connection to your network or individual sites, and both can be provided with maintenance services.


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