Unleash your mobile network

Our network is all about capacity. A lot of capacity. So as demand continues to increase from data-hungry customers, our mobile backhaul won’t flinch.


We offer a fibre-to-the-cell-site system based on synchronous ethernet, so data travels from a mobile phone to a cell or base station faster - regardless of its size.


And as data demand continues to move up that hockey-stick curve, we’ve got you - and your customers - covered. Leaving you with the much more interesting job of unleashing your full potential as a mobile provider.

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What can we do for you?

Huge capacity

Your data moves faster, because each of our cell sites is physically linked with our high capacity fibre optic cables.

Low, low latency

Our mobile network minimises the hops from cell site to operator network.


Peerless performance

Every cell site is connected to one of 14 brand new regional networks, providing data directly to mobile operator networks.


The techie bit

How has the mobile backhaul network been designed?

We've built a Packet Optical Transport Network (POTN) solution to provide you with high capacity, uncontended mobile backhaul with low latency. We can offer you valuable aggregation, scalability and cost benefits through integrating Ethernet into the optical physical layer in this way.

How is your mobile backhaul network synchronised?

We're using ITU-T G.8262 Synchronous Ethernet throughout the network. That means you won't incur the costs – or risks – of using alternative synchronisation equipment or older networks. Field tests have shown that it provides a better frequency synchronisation reference than E1 synchronisation.

Can your backhaul network meet the demands of LTE in the future?

Yes. In fact the low mobile latency and high capacity of our mobile backhaul make it perfect for LTE. What's more, we can tune it to suit either point-to-point or any-to-any Ethernet services when you come to launch your LTE service. 

Can ITU 1588 Version 2 be overlaid on the network to provide time of day synchronisation?

Absolutely. Packet Timing Protocols (PTP) such as 1588 can be used as an over the top service, and can be deployed at any time.

Can I upgrade the backhaul bandwidth at individual cell sites easily?

Yes, our backhaul has been specifically designed to be highly scalable. Right now you can upgrade in multiples of 1Gbps Ethernet, but in the future you'll be able to get 10Gbps Ethernet upgrades directly to your cell site too.


How do you provide diversity and resilience to cell sites?

The metropolitan and core network elements provide a very high level of diversity and resilience, including 1+1 aggregated traffic hand-offs to  your switch sites. We can also provide different levels of resilience and diversity at cell sites, including fibre diversity and Point of Presence (POP) diversity.

How much of the country will your backhaul network cover?

Mobile backhaul from Virgin Media Business will reach about 50% of UK mainland cell sites.

Do your network termination units need any specific space or power considerations?

Not at all. Network Termination Units (NTUS) take up very little space at cell sites, and have multiple power options to suit your requirements.


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