Luxury-grade internet

Exceeding the most demanding of expectations

One of the UK’s fastest growing hotel chains needed a network for a new £180m site. They came to us.

Known in the industry for designing, constructing and operating luxury hotels with the highest levels of service and hospitality, Arora had a reputation to uphold.

Their flagship hotel at London Heathrow’s Terminal Five has over 605 rooms. Not delivering a seamless internet connection for demanding overnight guests, as well as delegates using the venue’s numerous conference suites, was unthinkable.

Netflix and video conferencing

But how? On busy days, potential users could run into the thousands. And many don’t just paddle in the internet’s shallows.

Our engineers recommended a Managed Internet Access (MIA) connection, running at 100Mbps. Not only enough for emails and a little light surfing, but perfect for video conferencing, Netflix binges and Skype calls.

But why Virgin Media Business? Because we offered the “…convenience and peace of mind  only provided by a single partner, single support team, and single Account Management team,” according to Sunny Roda, IT and Purschasing Director at Arora Hotels.

Let's not rest on their laurels

So, we weren’t entirely surprised when the four-star property was named Best New Business Hotel in the World, at the Business Traveller Awards. The gong was well deserved - and we’re sure our world-beating connectivity played its part in the triumph.

But our journey with Arora didn’t end at Heathrow. Determined not to rest on their laurels, and recognising our strength as a partner, the group asked us to connect all eight of their UK sites.

In a matter of months we provided an IPVPN solution via our £13bn optical fibre network, which now connects all of Arora’s UK operations on a secure WAN. The firm’s emails, documents, video conferencing and data now flow efficiently over just one network.

Booked for an extended stay

Sunny Roda says: “Virgin Media Business offered us UK-wide Next Generation Network capabilities, and a cost-effective solution capable of delivering our business-critical services across all our hotels.”

We’re delighted Arora booked us in for an extended stay, and if you think we can help your organisation, get in touch.

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