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Why Business Broadband makes all the difference

Why broadband plays a vital role in your business’s success.

Nov 21st 2017 

A speedy internet connection does much more than make life easy – it makes your business #VOOM.

Whether you’re sending or receiving large files over email, using a payroll app, or even watching how-to videos on YouTube, it pays to have a safe, secure and ultrafast connection to guarantee peak performance online. After all, a slow, unreliable connection negatively impacts productivity and reputation, and makes it difficult to innovate and remain competitive.

Many SMEs using home broadband for business purposes are missing out on the superior service of a business-specific package. Let’s look at what the best business broadband deals provide.

The lowdown on downloads

Faster download speeds are one advantage of ultrafast business broadband. Unlike a domestic package, business deals offer more generous downloads; some are even unlimited. Uploads are also important for many businesses (for those great product videos for example), and can potentially slow internet speeds. A fast business connection makes uploads easy too.

Safe as houses

Security is a major concern for SMEs, and business broadband offers additional protection. The recent IDC white paper, The Road to the Digital Future of SMEs, found that 98% are investing in security, which makes sense with the GDPR requirements coming into effect next May. The white paper concluded, “Speed, security and scalability will be essential to cope with growing business requirements and enable SMEs to stay nimble, flexible and close to the customer and market.” We couldn’t agree more.

Shorter downtime

Business broadband providers normally guarantee that in the event of an outage, the connection will be up and running the next working day. This is hugely important as it minimises disruption and inconvenience to customers.

Residential broadband packages usually have no such guarantees, with less narrow timeframes in which normal service should resume. Often businesses are liable for compensation if outages last for longer than a stated period, but check the small print of the business broadband policy.

At your service

Home broadband packages typically come with customer support during office hours. Business broadband deals, on the other hand, offer around-the-clock support. And business callers are usually prioritised, so you’re less likely to be stuck in a queue waiting to speak to an assistant.

Connected anywhere

A static IP address - effectively an internet phone number that enables devices to talk to each other and exchange information – is essential for businesses, and something domestic packages don’t offer.

With increasing numbers of staff working remotely, a static address allows them to use other servers or equipment from anywhere in the world. It also allows the hosting of a website or domain name and bespoke email addresses, plus the setup of an FTP server, allowing clients to connect to the company’s remote server.

Viva VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the digital alternative to traditional phone lines, uses an internet connection to answer voice and data needs. It means voice is converted to data that is sent over the internet, resulting in savings on call charges with most business broadband packages.

Additional features can be added on, such as video and telephone conferencing, instant messaging and document sharing. In 2025, BT will switch off analogue lines, so switching to VoIP now makes a lot of sense.

Globally mobile

Employees are increasingly required to work away from the office, whether it’s to meet clients, attend meetings or simply work from home for personal reasons.

Mobile broadband, often included in business broadband packages or available as an add-on, enables staff to receive and reply to emails on multiple devices with high-speed connectivity no matter where they are. It’s essential for business in the always-on, global business world.

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