Now available: Our new National High Capacity Services core network goes live

January 2023

At Virgin Media Business Wholesale, we’ve recently launched an enhanced core platform for National High Capacity Services (NHCS).

Our NHCS offering uses the Virgin Media O2 fixed optical network to provide high bandwidth, ultra-low latency connectivity with no distance limitations.

Now rolled out across the UK, our new NHCS core network provides us with an alternative, simpler way of provisioning, while retaining all the key attributes of our existing NHCS service.

The new platform is an overlay to our existing national Layer 1 optical platform and is based on dedicated switched Ethernet technology alongside steadfast bandwidth that follows a fixed network path end-to-end.

What does that mean for our partners?

Simply put, it allows for an easier and more intelligent delivery of NHCS services. Allowing a faster and more accurate provisioning process from end-to-end.

For our partners’ customers, it will support businesses and industry in their wider deployment of 10Gbps services. It’s all part of our commitment to evolving our services to meet user needs and deliver an improved customer experience.  

What’s new?

The existing Layer 1 optical platforms operate at 300+ sites, providing connectivity to 150+ data centres, meeting the high capacity demands of businesses across the country.

The first 14 sites across the UK are already live with the new NHCS core platform, including four data centres: Equinix MA1 (Manchester), Equinix LD5 (Slough), Interxion Sovereign House (London) and Telehouse East (London).

This rollout includes expansion to more data centre locations across the breadth of the UK — including brand new diverse fibre routes and network platforms at the new Equinix flagship site, Manchester MA5 (expected to go live early 2023).

The new platform is the latest phase of investment into Project Spark, a multi-million-pound investment in programme that is transforming our 10Gbps portfolio. As Project Spark gathers pace, the new network build will continue, with hundreds more sites being added in 2023 and into 2024.

The project also marks the first stage of a bigger programme of work between Virgin Media Business Wholesale and networking systems, services, and software provider, Ciena.

Ciena’s WaveLogic coherent optical innovations underpin the enhanced NHCS core network capability, enabling network scalability, flexibility and quick turn-up of new services.

This new core platform is just the start. We have many more exciting projects expected to launch in 2023, including Metro 10Gbps and access network upgrades.

This all adds up to a huge overhaul of our network capabilities which ultimately gives us a platform ready for automation.

Want to learn more about our upcoming projects? Get in touch with your account manager to find out more.

To discover more benefits of NHCS, check out our dedicated webpage here.


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