How wholesale partners can have their share of a £232bn digital opportunity

By Mike Hallam, Executive Director (Wholesale), Virgin Media Business

March 2nd 2020

Massive financial services businesses setting up remote working overnight. 

Restaurant chains launching digital delivery services to keep them going during lockdown. 

We’ve seen some incredible examples of digital progress during the last 12 months, and wholesale partners have been fundamental in making them happen.

During Covid-19, we’ve all witnessed what McKinsey has described as a “quantum leap” forward, accelerating digitisation of customer interactions by three years and speeding up the delivery of virtual services and products by more than a decade. 

We partnered with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) to understand just how important Covid-driven digital change will be to our recovery from the pandemic and beyond. 

Our research shows that the UK has a £232bn growth opportunity ahead of it. By investing in digital transformation, we can deliver a much-needed boost to our nation’s economy by 2040. 

And by driving digital change we can add £74bn to GDP by 2025 and £127bn by the end of the decade. 

Our wholesale partners will have a pivotal role to play in making this happen. 

As the technology specialists guiding end customers towards infrastructure and solutions fit for the new everyday, they couldn’t be better placed to help organisations grasp this chance to help the UK excel.


Enabling a connectivity revolution

Better services and products. More empowered employees. Happier customers and communities across the country. 

The research shows the potential of digital change to transform the world of work. 

Flexible working, enabled by technologies like video conferencing and online collaboration tools, will continue to allow teams to work from wherever they are based. 

The digital delivery of services will lead to greater convenience for consumers and access to our public services, for those who need them. 

Richer data from digital communications, enabled by the cloud, will power analytics and AI that will help workers make better decisions, from how to co-ordinate projects across supply chains to how we plan for building our local communities.  

All these technologies rely on superfast connectivity to connect workers instantly across different locations, process the volume of data generated and enable seamless delivery of online journeys. 

The 5G rollout will create further opportunities for businesses and public sector organisations, from enhancing productivity with smart and connected devices to leveraging real-time data and insights to accelerate innovation. 

It will also bring data densification and latency demands, which can only be met through the backhaul connectivity supplied by wholesale partners and providers. 

There’s a huge opportunity for the IT channel to make the case for advanced networking technologies and widen their product portfolio to include the latest connectivity solutions. 

It’s why we’re investing millions in our networking capabilities to help partners take advantage of this opportunity, widening access to revolutionary connectivity technologies that will drive positive outcomes for end-customers and power the UK’s rebound.

Getting closer to your end customers

Grasping the £232bn opportunity ahead isn’t just about pointing organisations towards the technologies that can help make this happen. 

It’s also about getting closer to their business objectives and encouraging them to take a more strategic view of their digital infrastructure.  

Our recent research into IT leaders at large organisations revealed that just 39% said their partner encourages them to be innovative and future-proof their business. 

This shows there is an opportunity for wholesale partners to get closer to end customers, to inspire and educate IT leaders about the opportunities digital investment can unlock. 

Our partner advisory boards are already encouraging this thinking and driving collaboration. They’re bringing our wholesale partners together to share knowledge, best practice and insights they’ve gathered from their own customer relationships.

Empowering a new everyday

The future of work has never been more exciting.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to build on what we know and learn from what we’ve seen, to create real growth for organisations and our national economy and drive positive change for the future. 

Here’s where you come in. 

By sharing what we have found with your customers and talking to them about how they can invest in digital change, we can collectively make this new everyday a reality.

Visit our Revolutionise the everyday hub to find out more.

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