Looking back on 2020 and what we’ve achieved together

By the VMB Wholesale team

March 2nd 2021

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Promotions: Three Months Free!

We’re currently offering three months free on all Ethernet orders up to 1Gbps. Just add the code 3MONTHS in Engage to apply this offer when you purchase a circuit with us. (If you’re ordering manually, please add the code to your order form.)

Upgrades and Renewals

Back in October, we reviewed our renewals and upgrade pricing in response to your feedback. As a result, we now offer lower renewal rates in most cases. We’ve also permanently reduced our hard upgrade fee from £999 to £499.

Product Updates

Ethernet loopbacks for self-diagnosis of faults

You can now use our National Ethernet and Ethernet Extension services with a remote Ethernet loopback. This means that when a service is delivered or when a fault occurs, you can remotely test the circuit immediately without needing support from us. You’ve got the power!


This loopback is added to circuits when they’re delivered or upgraded, and as part of our faults process. Find out more here.

10Gbps Ethernet Extensions

We’ve expanded our 10Gbps Ethernet Extension product to widen the range of some VMB franchises and break down barriers between them.


You can check availability and get quotes for the lowest-price 10Gbps services (via Engage or our pricing API) between more sites than ever. 10Gbps Ethernet Extension is available up to 35km between customer sites.

National Ethernet

We now offer standardised National Ethernet pricing up to 5Gbps. Find out more here.

High Capacity Services

We’ve launched Project Spark, a multi-million-pound investment that’ll bring benefits across our 10Gbps services in the areas of digital expansion, service delivery and our commercial offering.  


As part of Project Spark, we’ll be sponsoring events and continuing to publish thought-leadership articles. We’ve also permanently reduced the price of our NHCS product to ensure we’re competitive in the market. You can read our full NHCS customer presentation here.



Fault Management

We’re currently reviewing a number of fault-management practices to enhance your customer experience and decrease time to resolution. This should enable more proactive expectation-setting for you and your customers.


Our review includes fault restoration where there are no fibre records, outage correlations, handover processes, and upskilling our people. Here’s a bit more detail:

  • Restoring faults: We’re working to reduce the time taken to provide fix plans and communicate these with you. 
  • Outage correlations: We’ve launched a geographic outage tool to enable us to identify and correlate any outage on our network, meaning we can be more proactive in how we communicate this to you.
  • Handover tool: We’ve streamlined our handover process and introduced a tool to ensure our operational handover between shifts for our engineers becomes smoother.
  • Upskilling: We’re building a training roll-out plan to ensure our agents have the right skills and capabilities to assist you in any circumstance when you come to us for help.  

Customer Experience

Customer Advocacy

The customer advocacy group was launched in 2020 as a cross-functional forum with internal stakeholders across all of Virgin Media Business Wholesale.


The forum is a change mechanism to drive improvement throughout the customer experience, and is based on all the feedback you’re providing.

If you’re keen to know what’s hot in the wholesale channel, take a look at our LinkedIn page.  


We’ve also recently updated our website to improve your customer journey and user experience, so visit us here.


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