Below you’ll find some answers to help you enjoy the Virgin WiFi service. Any other questions, just give our customer service team a call on 0330 660 1028.

How do I connect to Virgin WiFi?

Just as you would connect at home or work.


Simply turn on the WiFi radio antenna, select the correct network and then follow the on-screen instructions for getting free or paid access (depending on your location).

How much does it cost to get online?

Tariffs vary from site-to-site, so check your local WiFi service for prices.

How do I pay?

Once connected to the Virgin WiFi network, you can buy access through the sign-up process using credit/debit cards or PayPal.


Some locations also offer voucher access (usually available through their reception or help desk).


And we also allow roaming access.

Are there any limits on the size of files I can download or send by email?


When does my time run out?

It depends which tariff you bought. But it’s measured by time (for example, a 1-day tariff that starts at 17:03, expires at 17:03 the next day).


It’s never calculated by your online usage. 

Is my speed restricted on the Virgin WiFi network?

Speeds vary from site-to-site. Some tariffs (free access, for example) might come with a restricted speed – but they’ll let you know when you logon.

What security does Virgin WiFi use?

Our network offers a secure service for public access with 256 Bit SSL encryption to secure your data, verified by THAWTE.


But it’s essential you take these basic steps to protect your device:


·        Install a robust anti-virus software and personal firewall

·        Use a secure VPN when you connect to a corporate network

·        Don't leave it unattended (or unlocked) in a public place

·        Make sure your computer’s password protected

·        Be careful not to leave credit card details exposed

·        Only enter personal banking details once you know the website’s secure (look for the           padlock icon on your browser).

Can I use a VPN on the Virgin WiFi network?



So if you can’t get it working, then please contact your VPN provider (or IT team) for support.

Can I roam on Virgin WiFi?



Our main partners are Boingo, iPass and Skype WiFi but we also allow other international partners access our network.


Have you got special roaming client software installed? Then this should automatically pick up our WiFi networks and display a message about how to connect.


Or just click the relevant roaming partner on the WiFi login page.

Do you have a fair usage policy?

Yes and you’ll find it, here.

What are your T&Cs and cookie policy?

You’ll find them both here.

How do I contact customer service?

If you need help and our FAQs don't have the answer, our customer services are available 24 hours, every day of the year on 0330 660 1028.



For any Corporate or Public WiFi support, give our customer service team a call 24/7 on the number below.

0330 660 1028